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What is the most thrilling part of tennis to you?

My participation in the US Open has ended earlier than I would have liked. However this gives me the opportunity to watch some of the great games on offer during the US Open, and to ask which part of Tennis YOU find the most thrilling?

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    The last shot of the last match of a Grand Slam tournament... when you favourite player is on the line, nearly touching that trophy, you feel some sort of synergy; tension, thrill and excitement all shared along the road with that favourite of yours. Most certainly, it's something peculiar to feel this relief, this amazement when you see him hit the ground, finally champion.

    As for what I prefer from the game, it's some kind of transcendental elegance; the finesse and harmony behind the most violent actions held on the court... the beauty, expressed through this art in some sensible instances which are known to us as "movements." The most powerful and clean motions exhibit this kind of gracefulness. Indescribably similar in their calmness and coherence, yet different in all witnessed regards; in that matter, the sport is no longer purely physical.

    It sounds a bit peculiar, but it's what I like so much about that sport: the gracefulness and ease of those top players. Many people spoke of your serving motion as being robotic, due to your preparation; when you take the time to slow it down to humanly comprehensible speed, it's possible to then appreciate the execution. If you have not yet bothered to do it, pick some players, including yourself, and pay a specific attention to how some shots are executed... It might take five minutes, but once you have look at them with a mind at aesthetics, you might understand better what I meant, stating that tennis is an art.

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    I'm not a tennis coach and I've never played tennis, but I know what is the most thrilling part of tennis, I've been watching every game in the big tournaments for the last 10 years, people love to see:

    - rallies




    No one can always deliver a good rally as you already know, and you know all about aces :D volleys and smashes are rare but I think the best way to thrill the fans and to win a game is to have a great footwork and stamina, because all the professional players have good shots, besides you can't rely on good serves to win a game, it's not always your serve. Some players have bad forehand or backhand and still win, because they have great footwork speed and stamina, if you have a good footwork and speed you will be able to win all, Federer is the best why? because he has great footwork and speed, stamina is so important as well because tennis games are so long. The match Federer vs Nadal (Wimbledon final 2008) is the greatest ever and why? because both players had an incredible stamina and footwork and that's what we want to see. That's the thrill. I'm not saying that having a great serve, backhand and forehand isn't good, I'm just saying that the stamina and the footwork are the most important factors.

    Then there is the attitude of the player on the pitch, nadal is one of the most loved players in tennis, why is that? because he give you a thrill every time he's on the pitch, sometimes he's bad sometimes he's good but the fans love him no matter what because of his attitude.

    The show : giving the fans a good show is a great thing, we loved Sampras and Agassi because they deliver the show, they smash the ball a lot, go to the net....And that what people want to see.

    Having fun :John McEnroe says it all :D and people love that.

    So whether you deliver a good game, a good attitude, a good show, or simply being funny you'll give us the thrill of watching you - AND THAT"S TENNIS right?

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    The fact that tennis is played between only two players. The momentum of the match can shift just on one point, and that shift can come from the shifted emotions of the players. One nervous thought on a break point can cost a player the match. Also, the fact that tennis is not played with set time parameters adds even more of a thrill. In most other sports, gaining a huge lead for the most part of a game will almost guarantee a victory. In tennis though, going up two sets to love doesn't guarantee anyone a match and could very well end up being a five-set "thriller" in which the underdog pulls out the win.

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    Tennis for me , has always been like a familiar good friend . Life is about being a part of something bigger than yourself , that you can share with others .

    Tennis is that . You can feel connected and apart of Everyone who has ever Played the game, from Rod Laver to Jimmy Connors to todays greats like Roger Federer and Andy Roddick . Then the Womens game, is also Connected to the mens game in that is almost seems One and the same .

    What Sport is more Connected than Tennis ? You can one Hour watch the Men play, then the next hour the best Women in the World play . So for me this is what makes Tennis thrilling .

    Tennis is one big Family , that keeps you Connected to it , Even when you are too old to Play . It's still your Friend , you Family and your game that never Leaves you and is always a part of you .

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    Even though he'd reached the finals on three previous occasions, ranked 125 and sporting a bum shoulder, he was about as much of a long-shot going in as you could pick. However, two weeks and 6 upsets (in seven matches)later, he was able to finally raise the trophy he'd chased for so many years. His improbable run just goes to prove that in tennis although we can analyse and handicap the field, once the given tournament starts, anyone can win. Francesca Schiavone also showed this at the French Open this year. As for playing, the most thrilling feeling comes from turning weaknesses into strengths (or at least making the weaknesses less glaring). Any time I successfully hit a shot that used to be a liability (or a shot I'd never really tried before) it is a very rewarding feeling. For me just being able to continuously develop my game and the potential to surprise myself is the biggest appeal.

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    The best part of Tennis to me would be the part when the two players are in a battle for the trophy (being in the final) and both are playing extremely well volleying left and right making you get on the edge of your seat (or if you are like me pace and hold your head every time something good happens) just watching the players throw every thing they have into the game is definitely the most thrilling to me. Nadal or any other player. A good match is a good match no matter who you are.

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    As a youth tournament player, I'd say the most thrilling part of playing the game is volleying. I like the feeling of not knowing how your opponent will approach you when you come to net, whether he'll drive it, lob it, or make a mistake. Also, winning points off of volleys always makes me feel invigorated, I think maybe because that's just the way you're supposed to play tennis: get up to net and finish the point.

    However, when I watch tennis, which is very often, I enjoy watching serves more than any other shot. It is truly incredible how fast these serves go. Even second serves, which are applied marvelous spin, seem to just fly off the racket.

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    I like to watch good play, and especially matches where there's good play on both sides and it's competitive. Final sets that run into long tiebreaks or many games (if no tiebreaks) are a lot of fun to watch.

    It may be somewhat contradictory, because it often involves a player who's been out-maneuvered, but I have to admit the most thrilling moments are when a player makes an amazingly difficult shot from a bad position, or successfully defends against a series of likely winning shots.

    Others must find these thrilling, too--they show up in the TV advertising a lot.

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    The most thrilling part of tennis is that moment in the heat of battle, when both players are at the top of their game. The score doesn't even matter so much, it's more of an emotive, primal moment when you know the match could be in the balance. But neither player yields to that pressure. They both step it up, and in that moment recognize and respect in each other all the training and BS that each other has endured to get to that point. There is complete and total respect for each other, the game, the fans, the whole enchilada grande. And they step up another notch again, often making eye contact between points until they finally come to that moment when they look at each other, smile and realize just how dang lucky they are, how blessed they are, to have persevered through it all to be having so much fun despite all the pain and BS. And they start enjoying the match with controlled abandoned. The play heats up to white hot, and everyone is hypnotized. That's the thrill of tennis. I can still watch old matches of Borg vs. Conners and get that.

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    Hi Andy, greetings

    The best of tennis is when two of the top players play a long, very close match, with unbelievably long rallies, and when every point is fought over tooth and nail.

    These games provide more variations of the game, with some amazing defensive passing shots while running flat out, with volleys, lobs and many points fought at the net.

    Examples from the past are Björn Borg vs McEnroe in the Wimbledon final 1980, or Agasi against Sampras (especially in the Australian open 2000 SF), or more recently the Federer / Rafa clashes.

    Also good are the fight-backs from two sets down, as you have done in the past.

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    Oh gosh! What a broad question! The whole game is thrilling. Well...... Anyways, the most thrilling part is when there's such an amazing hustle to get the balls. I mean hittting back nice drop shots, smacking back lobs, and just making outstanding shots like Roger Federer's tweener. Hehe. You had a great video of one, too, Andy! Another thrilling aspect is when you can trip, fall, do the splitz (sorry not you A-Rod, Djokovic or all those flexible, amazing Serbs), and still manage to get up and keep playing. Nicolas Mahut when he slid on the grass courts and threw his racket. PHEW! Awesome! You're a thrilling and unpredictable player, Andy. You rock, no matter what!

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