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Is this a good fantasy hockey team?

C-Mikko Koivu

C-Derek Roy

LW-Zach Parise

LW-Guillaume Latendresse

RW-Marian Gaborik

RW-Martin Havlat

D-Marek Zidlicky

D-Brian Rafalski

D-Cam Barker

D-Mathieu Carle

BN-Andrew Brunette

BN-Jamie Langenbrunner

BN-Tim Connoly

G-Niklas Backstrom

G-Dwayne Roloson

BN-Dan Ellis

Should I drop Dan Ellis?If So,then who should I pick up?

Here are some goalies I have in mind:Tim Thomas

Cristobal Huet

Ty Conklin

Nikolai Khabibulin

Mike Brodeur

Jonathan Bernier

Scott Clemmensen

Johan Hedberg


Why would I drop Gaborik and Latendresse?!

Gaborik has 42 goals and 44 assists.And since Latendrese joined the Wild last year,he did really good.He even got like 1 or 2 hat tricks.And I think he will help the wild this year.

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    Nice, you drafted the Minnesota Wild.

    Don't drop Ellis yet. Huet is is Europe. Khabibulin is going to serve 30 days in jail and a possible suspension. Go with either Hedberg or Bernier.

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    Centers are less than great.

    Left wings are pretty good.

    Right Wings are good... Problem is both Gaborik and Havlat are injury prone, so don't be surprised when one or both end up on the IR.

    Defense isn't that great.

    Aside from Backstrom the goalies aren't that great. If you're gonna drop anybody I'd make it Roloson because he sucks, and Ellis will probably start for Tampa.

    As for the guys you want to pick up, Huet wont see one second of ice time in the NHL so don't even both. Between Khabi's off ice problems and the fact that Edmonton has Deslauries and Dubnyk, I don't see him getting much time. Conklin will only play select games because the Blues have Halak.

    The only ones I'd consider picking up are Thomas and Bernier.

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    It really depends on how many other fantasy teams are in your league and what points are tracked.

    This is a solid team but keep an eye on injuries. You have a strong defense. You may be looking for a golie before the end of the season. Keep an eye on Jonathan Bernier and pick him up if Quick falters.

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    if i were you, i'd drop both either gaborik and havlat, too much of an injury concern.. although, gaborik is a major point contributor... tough decision.

    drop latendresse, he not that great. hot/cold player

    matt carle might not get a lot of playing time considering who philly have on d: pronger, meszaros, coburn, o'donnell, timonen, himself and a couple up and coming minor leaguers... for now, keep him, and see where he gets you

    brunette and langenbrunner are aging, be careful with aging players, might not get you that many points

    drop ellis, pick up a backup who you has proven himself effective, maybe one of the leafs goalies, conks, or even florida's markstrom

    Source(s): being in pools since age 12... almost 18 now
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    your skating line up looks a little too laoded on minnesota wild players, but i would drop dan ellis and pick up nikolai knabibulin

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