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Is Al Gore indirectly responsible for the actions taken by James Lee at the Discovery Channel building and...?

for Lee's death?

In August, Gore said that government had let the American people down and in 2008, Gore called for "civil disobedience" against coal companies. And it has been reported that Lee recently viewed "An Inconvenient Truth" which led to an enlightenment of some sorts.

Could these statements by Al Gore and his apparent call to action in his movie have caused Lee's violence as well as his death?

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    According to the left, whenever a person on the christian right does something, it must be because Rush Limbaugh told them to do it, so based on their assinie logic, yes it is Al Gores fault for teaching hate.

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    Gore planted the seed. He may not have anticipated how crazy and radical it would make some people, but that doesn't absolve him of guilt in the matter. He is certainly responsible to some degree. That doesn't in any way make James Lee an innocent victim though. No one forced him to do what he did. That was his own decision.

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    Al Gore advocated civil disobedience against coal companies.

    James Lee attacked the offices of the Discovery Channel, a cable TV network.

    Your conclusion: Al Gore is indirectly responsible for James Lee's actions?

    So I take it you think that the Discovery Channel is actually a coal company masquerading as a cable TV network? Interesting theory. Outlandish and false, but interesting.

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    Well, by liberal logic, which blames all actions by nuts who are nominally right-wing on the whole right wing, then, yes, liberals in general, and Al Gore specifically are to blame.

    This is based on liberal logic which blames the Republicans, conservatives, Christians and right-wing talk shows for:

    - the murder of Dr. Tiller

    - murders of abortionists

    - bombing of abortion centers

    - Tim McVeigh

    - anything else their little deranged minds think of

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    Sue, if you accept that Jodie Foster was responsible for President Reagan getting shot, or that the US was responsible for 9/11 by inciting the Islamic world.

    I believe that people are responsible for their own actions.

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    "Civil Disobedience" has never meant violence. Anybody who read the founding documents such as Henry David Thoreau's "On Civil Disobedience" or Gandhi's "Satyagraha in South Africa" would know that. Surprising that someone as obviously well-educated as you didn't remember that.

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    This is why Gore and his stupid movie should be outlawed everywhere. If just one life is changed. I mean what if this guy with his hate for kids had gone to an elementary school. Dare we take that chance.

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    I believe he is indirectly responsible for the actions of Lee , and directly responsible for the content of his inconvenient truth movie which in my opinion is hog wash and full of lies

    Source(s): May God Bless you and keep us all safe from the progressive axis of evil,0bama,Pelosi&Reid
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    No one is responsible for their actions... except themselves.

    If we, as Conservatives, can rightfully complain when the Libs try to blame some Whack-o who does violence in the name of a Conservative value advocated by Rush Limbaugh... or whoever... then we in fairness have to absolve the Libs when they have a Whack-o in their midst.

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