Who is the wisest mormon on yahoo answers?

because i would like to challenge this person to a battle of mormon knowledge.
Update: but of course enigma, we know this cannot happen without a third party, even a mediator, who can satisfy both the laws of mercy and justice. so i propose that we answer mormon questions, tommorrow and see who gets more right, then we'll see who is the wisest of all.
Update 2: EddieG - oh please, Cadisney couldn't even get past the sunbeam level questions.
Update 3: sounds like you've already started savhannah
Update 4: simon you are a pharisee, i'll bet you still think that the garden of eden was in the middle east somewhere dont' you!
Update 5: gintzer - what are you talking about? contention? who said anything about contention? do you think jeopardy is contentious too? i guess that ken jennings mormon guy was a real sinner then. i just want to have a little contest. i'll tell ya, those pacifists...
Update 6: oh Julymoon, please just withdraw your challenge dear, its not worth you getting schooled again.
Update 7: mormonninja - you all are misunderstanding. i don't want to debate mormonisms validity, but i just want a contest of mormon knowledge, like mormon jeopardy or something...are you a girl mormon ninja?
Update 8: @Julymoon - i see you are now posing as an ex-mormon. good thinking, your proselyting efforts will now be less damaging to the church that way.
Update 9: PHROG - Ha! i've laid down the law on that diet coke (with caffeine) drinking mormon so many times that she won't come near my questions anymore.

as for you mormon 4 oh its been brought! the way i see it its already 4-0 me!
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