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Martin Luther vs Catholic Church leader?

Assignment due tomorrow!!!! Having a hard time..any help appreciated thank you so much!!!!

"Imagine Martin Luther and a Catholic Church leader are in a public debate. Write a brief dialogue between the two."


I need a brief DIALOGUE between the two??

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    THE CATHOLIC CHURCH: Martin, we appreciate your input, but remember, you are ONE priest of hundreds of thousands of shepherds before you. And you obviously need better shepherding, we are sorry we have neglected little ol' 4,000-population Wittenberg. We know we have some priests who don't have sufficient training, who didn't go to university like you to train as a lawyer, who do not have your literary skills, who are drunken fools escaping civic duty by wearing priestly robes. We know Martin, but you know we've just discovered this New World called America, we are building Vatican City, there's this deal called the Renaissance going on in Italy because Marco Polo has changed our world view, and even though Henry VIII wants you dead and his minister Thomas More has written eloquently on Utopia, we just know from experience of hundreds of thousands of devout men and women in our Church that we can't just stop what we're doing and give full attention to your concerns.

    MARTIN LUTHER: The pope is the Anti-Christ!!! I've been to Rome ONCE, and I've seen all I need to see to make a credible decision. The pope is the Anti-Christ!!! I've been touched by God to save the Catholic Church. I'm an expert on St. Augustine. I've read everything he ever wrote, and I can save the world from heretics like that other humanist, the friend of Thomas More, Erasmus. I alone can interpret the Bible with profundity, and the entire world should follow ME. ME!!!! MEEEEEEEeeeeeee!!! (By the way your most eminent and sainted holiness, did I mention my Protector Frederick needs the Saxon lands back that his familly donated to the Church, you see, he wants more money, and.......)

    THE CATHOLIC CHURCH: OK Martin, simmer down young'n, we'll get through this with faith. And more faith. And with the faith of all good Christens dead and alive. And with what Jesus Christ has empowered us with. But also faith, Martin, we realize that's important, really we do. We are trying to address the concerns of the sainted Catherine of Sienna, and we are reforming Church government by developing a new thing called jurisprudence, or Canon Law. We are going to establish seminaries to train ALL priests, so we won't have a few nuts going around selling indulgences for profit. We know that's going on, but again, budddddy, we have bigger fish to fry than that. So stop printing crap that says the entire Church is corrupt. You know that isn't going to help you win another debate, and besides Martin, it's FAITH that is behind all your actions OR NOT. So WITH FAITH, persevere.

    MARTIN LUTHER: The pope is the Anti-Christ!!! The pope is the Anti-Christ. You'd better pay attention to ME or I'll really screw up the Church. The Church is NOT more important than ME!!!! (By the way, did I mention my Protector Frederick is really REALLY wanting that land back????)

    THE CATHOLIC CHURCH: (This guy is a real piece of work. Hope most people see through his BS cause we're going to have to cut him loose. Someone call Charles V and let him deal with it; it's in his neck of the woods and we have shepherding to do. Let the princes fight it out on their own terms. We'll bless them all and pray for them.....)

    MARTIN LUTHER: Don't you dare ignore me!!! The pope is the Anti-Christ!!! The world is coming to an end just like the Beloved Apostle wrote!!!! The pope is the Anti-Christ!!!! Listen to MEEEEEEEEE!!!! Don't listen to all the fat losers in the Church, listen to MEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! Me alone. Well, and FAITH, I mean FAITH. MY kind of FAITH, not the pope's. The pope is the Anti-Christ. Listen to me, I'm Osama Bin Laden before Osama. Bush is the devil. Seriously, I'm going to change the world and everyone will follow MEEEEEEEEEE........

    THE CATHOLIC CHURCH: For the love of Peter Martin, get a life.


    .....and so on......

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    Source(s): Is the end Near?
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    Martin Luther changed the bible. He took out 7 books from the OT and for 2 years also took out a number of books from the NT until his colleagues decided he should put them back in his German bible. He also added the word "alone" after "faith" to Rom 3:28 in his German bible.

    The Pope did not change the bible but reaffirmed the canon that had existed since the 4th century. And the books in the OT were in use in the Septuagint by Hebrews since even before Christ.

    Some Protestants argue the Catholics changed the doctrine of the early Church. However, the fact that Catholics have kept the bible the same for 1000s of years attests that their beliefs have remained the same. Most religions will change their sacred writings to reflect their beliefs. For instance, Muslims change their Quran. It is estimated that 62% of the quran has been abrogated which means it has had writings changed, added, or deleted to fit modern thinking. Another example is Martin Luther changed his bible to reflect his beliefs.

    Since the pope never changed the bible it shows that the Catholic beliefs have remained the same. The Protestants use a changed bible to try and say that Catholic beliefs are not biblical.

    You could have a conversation where the Pope asks Martin Luther why he changed his bible. This actually did occur. This was Martin Luther's response:

    "You tell me what a great fuss the Papists are making because the word alone in not in the text of Paul…say right out to him: ‘Dr. Martin Luther will have it so,’…I will have it so, and I order it to be so, and my will is reason enough. I know very well that the word ‘alone’ is not in the Latin or the Greek text" (Stoddard J. Rebuilding a Lost Faith. 1922, pp. 101-102; see also Luther M. Amic. Discussion, 1, 127).

    The original KJV included the 7 books from the OT that Martin dropped from his German edition. These books were eventually dropped by a Puritan print shop who sided with Luther. Apparently this print shop decided for everyone which books would be included in further prints of the KJV based solely on their own opinions. Protestants are now stuck with a bible that does not include these books and most are ignorant of them.

    Source(s): Luther Change the bible Tim Staples - The bible made me Catholic
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    In Catholic theology, an indulgence is the full or partial remission of temporal punishment due for sins which have already been forgiven. "As soon as a coin in the coffer rings, a soul from purgatory springs"

    Abuses in selling and granting indulgences were a major point of contention when Martin Luther initiated the Protestant Reformation (1517). He saw indulgences as the purchase and sale of salvation.

    Now YOU write a brief dialogue between the two.

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    If you read Martin Luther's theses they are mostly protests of practice not doctrine.

    Most of the not so good practices have been cleaned up but whenever people are involved there is always room for improvement.

    However I don't think Martin Luther was always right on, for example his first protest already sounds like trouble:

    "When our Lord and Master, Jesus Christ, said 'Repent', He called for the entire life of believers to be one of repentance."

    The Catholic Church calls for repentance at certain times of our lives but we are also called to live in happiness and joy.

    Read Martin Luther's 95 Theses for yourself:

    For more information, see the Catechism of the Catholic Church, sections 27 and following:

    With love in Christ.

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    Have Martin Luther recite Ezekiel 25:17 and then kill the Catholic Church leader. You'll have the best one in the class.

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    Luther: "I don't agree with what the Church is teaching"

    RCC: "Then you are saying that you do not agree with the Holy Spirit, whom GOD promised to leave us with and guide HIS Church?"

    Luther: "I guess that's what I'm saying"

    RCC: "Then you are acting in heresy"

    Luther: "No I'm not"

    RCC: "St. Paul states, 'Hold fast to the traditions that have been given you, either by word of mouth or written epistle'. So for you to deny what has been taught for over 1500 years, is heresy"

    Luther: "Ummm... okay, fine then, I will start my own church with my own modified teachings. And just to spite you, I will remove 7 books from the bible which we have been using for well over 1100 years now"

    RCC: "You are treading on very thin ice here... Do no not care about anathema?"

    Luther: "Ummmm... I guess not"

    End of Dialogue...

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  • Midge
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    Catholic: "we must love everyone"

    Martin Luther: "we must love everyone except the Jews"

    scroll down and read the whole thing--disgusting

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  • 10 years ago

    It's time like these when you realize that you need to budget your time

    so you can get assignments done correctly, with your own merit and

    not depend on strangers to write it for you.

    That is cheating you know.

    Next assignment, research what you want to write about, draw an outline

    and put it aside then when its close to the due date you can type it up

    a few times until it sounds good and submit something you actually worked on

    for class.

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    These are the considerations:

    1Should an ordinary person (lay person) be entitled to read and interpret the bible for themselves (protestant) - advantage = personal belief, disadvantage = many many different denominations with many differnt interpretation, or should the church do it: advantage: one interpretation from a 'wiser' educated priest, disadvantage open to corruption

    Is the belief that by giving money to the church you can free a relative from torture in pergatory. This practice was widespread at the time and Luther really didn't like it

    Does the church have the authority to forgive/condemn people, or is this open only to God.

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