Need Help With itunes 10 update?

so itunes 10 was released today, however no matter how many times i click check for updates my itunes says 9.2.1 is the current version, and if you say to just download itunes 10 and install, I get some error regarding Outlook, soooo anyone wanna take a shot at helping me

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    The updates for itunes do not always work due to software issues and their site. What I would reccomend would be to go to the itunes website and download the update from there. First make a back up or a system restore before doing this. Depending on your operating system you can just google how to do it or yahoo really quick. So go to the itunes website and it will go to and once that loads then to the right click on Itunes 10, Download Itunes. Click on it and download. Once download completes run it and install and your itunes should be updated.

    Method 2: If this does not work then I would go ahead, and unistall itunes. I would say to use revounistaller to get rid of all of the files, and music but not yet. Back up your music folder or itunes folder which should be in My Documents, then itunes. Save it to a flash drive or something. Then go to and download that and install. Open the program and go to where it says itunes, right-click then click unistall. Use the full advanced, number 4 and wait for it to load. Select all then click delete then next, then left overs select all then delete then next when it says finish. Then after that close, go to and download and install itunes. Then the update should go through. Then just import your music back in from your flash drive through the itunes folder you backed up.

    Method 3: Make sure to have that sustem restore if it does not work and restore your computer to the point before you did it. Then if your stil having problems go to to the itunes setion and go find some help.

    Well goodluck and hope this works.

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    Earlier today I went onto apples website and it said iTunes 10 is not here yet and told me to download the 9th version. So are you sure it's the 10th version or did they release it after I checked? I go look again

    Edit... Aww they release it after I checked... Anyways sorry I can't help since I don't have it yet.

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    1 decade ago

    The information on this website will help you if you are having problems uninstalling iTunes but you need to follow all the instructions step by step. The comments on their original article review are very positive...

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