How did the violent to the Freedom Rides and the Birmingham boycott aid the civil rights movement?


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    News and TV photographers were there to record the brutality with which the Freedom Riders and other protesters were treated. When large numbers of people saw these horror shows, it became more and more difficult to defend those who wanted to keep Jim Crow laws and segregation. People who had never given much if any thought to race issues now saw what this meant in real life, and many realized segregation was not the way American was supposed to be.

  • tuffy
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    1 decade ago

    Television showed th non-violence of the blacks met with violence from the whites and police for doing nothing more than walking or sitting at a counter in a store. The blacks were told they could not do what citizens had the right to do. The segregation of the blacks since the time of Reconstruction was coming to an end. It took 100 years to do it.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    the protesters were willing to die for their cause and the opposition wasnt willing to kill for their cause.

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