What is one team that you would not want your team to face in the post-season right now?

Even if your favorite team isn't going to make the post-season, still answer.

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    I agree with STW. The Rangers, scare me in a 5 game series, especially with Cliff Lee pitching twice in the series, the rest of their rotation is pretty good. Their line up can hit, and I wouldn't wanna face both Michael Young, and Josh Hamilton.

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  • mozie
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    4 years ago

    properly the AL East and wild card is particularly plenty settled until the pink Sox have an staggering tear pondering 0.5 the team is lacking because of harm. The Jays and the Oreoles are particularly plenty lost motives. because of the fact the Yanks and the Rays are the two the terrific 2 communities interior the completed MLB one will win the branch and the different will win the wild card. at the instant the 2nd place team interior the wild card are the pink Sox and that they are 7 video games out. there's a great gamble they could circulate on a tear, yet pondering their injuries, that isn't likely. third place team are the White Sox and that they are 9 video games out. which would be puzzling to bounce returned from at this factor interior the season. so as quickly because of the fact the 2nd place team interior the AL wild card are so a good distance returned that they can't capture up, the two the Yanks and the Rays would be going to the playoffs. and that i think which would be desperate rather early my wager is they're going to be the 1st 2 granted spots. that's in basic terms a be counted of which will grab the branch and which will grab the wild card. interior the west nevertheless, the Rangers have a company lead over the A's with 9.5 video games. they o.k. must be the 1st to be granted a playoff spot. the required could be the final to be desperate because of the fact the White Sox are in basic terms 4 video games out of the 1st place Twins. Now the NL, it particularly is a splash harder. the divisions are plenty closer, nevertheless interior the required, The Reds are 8 video games basically before St. Louis. they are going to probable get into the playoffs first interior the NL. the different divisions are too on the edge of call. I also have a feeling the Wild Card could be the final desperate team interior the NL so those are the opportunities for first playoff spot. Yanks and Rays (on a similar time considering that their playoff beginning is in reaction to how a good distance out the 2nd place team on the wild card are), The Rangers, or The Reds the final branch which will verify a playoff spot will probable be the two the west or the wild card. it easily relies upon on if the Giants can over come their 3 interest deficit on the Padre's. and if the Phillies can keep their a million.5 interest lead of the Giants interior the wild card.

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    Im a Yankee Fan, And the opular Choice for Yankee Fans is Probably Tampa... But not from me. I think if everyone is healthy on both teams, the Yankees Would Beat Tampa in a 5 or 7 game set. Tampa Does not Hit enough. The ONE Team that i would not wanna see, but also would be the most fun matchup is the team most people complain theyre tired of seeing the yankees play.... Boston. Why? Because theyve Beaten the Yankees Before, Theres NO Fear there, AND they Pitch... IF Boston Could Ever Figure out a Way to Get in Playoffs.. I honestly dont wanna see them in ANY Round.

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    I want my team to face up with whom ever's ready to play.

    I have no worries about my team facing any other team in MLB, and I am highly certain the guys on the team feel the same way. As the defending World Series champions, I'd say that IS the team to beat, so if anything, the other playoff bound teams should ask themselves which team they would rather face and not face in the post-season. And I can guarantee you that those post-season bound teams are going to say they'd rather not have to face the 82-50 team if they could help it.

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  • 1 decade ago

    In the AL, the only answer is the Rays.

    Reason: I don't want the Rays reaching the playoffs.

    In the NL, there's still only 1 answer, the Reds.

    Reason: same as why I don't want my team playing the Rays

    I'm almost certain to not get what I want in the AL, and the NL is also looking bad at the moment, but if the Cardinals can turn things around soon, hope will remain alive.

  • 1 decade ago

    Honest to goodness the Astros. I know the Astros have no prayer of the postseason this year, but they are on fire right now. The last team I would want to play right now if the postseason started today. If it has to be a team that's probaly going to the postseason...Texas. It seems to me like they never lose alot, they'll one or two here and there, but they've been on fire since like June and haven't cooled off.

  • S>T<W
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    1 decade ago

    I'll pick a team people tend to be sleeping on, probably because the way their pitching has performed lately.... the Texas Rangers.

    That lineup is lethal, and when Lee gets himself together, along with the rest of that rotation, they will be a tough team to match up with. You know the Rangers are gonna score, no matter who is pitching. For the Rangers its just a matter of holding the opposition to maybe 5 runs or less.

    I'd be worried about the Rangers if I was the Yankees or Rays...

    Source(s): (And as a Braves fan, I'm terrified of the Phillies. ha)
  • The Reds just annihilated the Brewers, I wouldn't want to come up against them again...and yet the Crew has them 2 more times in the regular season, including the finale.

    Though, I wish the had the outlook to possibly do that...lol and sigh

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Tampa Bay.

    The Yankees are the best team, but it's easier to beat them in a 5 game series than a 7 game series.

  • 1 decade ago

    It's been so long I would be happy to see my team in the post season anywhere against anyone.

    Braves Win! Braves Win! Braves Win! (smiling)

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