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World of Warcraft - What DPS Class should i be?

Okay im a 80 Fury warrior DPS and i hate tanking. Are fury warriors decent dps? or should i reroll? if yes, whats a good dps class? (Ranged)? I enjoy hunters.

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    Every single Class in World of Warcraft has the ability to DPS. Some Classes can ONLY DPS, while others can also Tank and DPS, and others can Heal and DPS, and a select few can do all three. However, they are all united by all being able to DPS

    Pure DPS:





    DPS and Tank:

    -Death Knight


    DPS and Heal:



    Heal, Tank, and DPS:



    Now, all Classes are good at each role they're capable of doing. It all depends on the skill of the actual player and how well they are able to play their Class. A Warrior is fine as dealing Damage as both Arms and Fury spec. If you hate Tanking though, you'll be limited to pure DPS. If you think you'll enjoy healing, you have to pick one of the healing/DPS hybrids too. Limiting yourself to pure DPS is boring for a number of people.

    So, a 'good DPS class' is hard to answer. Technically, theres 10 answers (until more classes come out). However, if you enjoy ranged combat, try Hunters. Warlocks and Mages also provide ranged DPS.

    However, Druids, Shamans, and Priests also have abilities to do ranged DPS (through balance, elemental, and shadow specs respectively) but also have an option of healing (through restoration, restoration, and holy/disc respectively).

    Choose whether or not you'd like to play a hybrid class, if you'd enjoy any other role other than a DPS. If not, why not take on one of the PURE DPSers to fully maximize your DPS capabilities without having to hybrid your playstyle? However, choose wisely because it may become a repetitive task. It all depends on what you enjoy.

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