What is that about private prisons?

CCA a private prison scandal in Arizona in which the governor is involved with that new immigration law. Apparently, that company is making a lot of money because the more illegal immigrants get sent to jail or the courts are encourage to send more people to that jail so the CEO makes more money. Or something like that. Does any body have more info on this. In this jail inmates work for no pay and some of them are sent in because they do not have the money for a defense so they take a plea of guilty. And illegals are picked up and sent to this jail without a trial. They are not being sent to ICE.


I have a little more info now:


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www.kpho.com www.youtube.com/?v=UMcgXxzcBeY

Update 2:

It does not sound too intelligent considering that a CEO requires more pay than a civil servant or government worker. Who foots the bill, The tax payers or the prisoners?

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    Arizona's use of private prisons dates back to the early 1990s, when lawmakers, grappling with overcrowding in state facilities, authorized the construction of a 450-bed minimum-security prison in Marana to house drug and alcohol abusers.

    The prison is owned and operated by Management & Training Corp., the Utah-based company that also operates the Kingman facility where the three inmates escaped.

    Since then, Arizona has increasingly relied on for-profit operators to manage its own inmates. It also has allowed private companies to import prisoners from other states.

    Rapid growth began in 2003 and the years immediately following, when Arizona was again wrestling with prison overcrowding.

    To ease the shortage, Republican lawmakers agreed to build 2,000 new prison beds, compromising with a reluctant Gov. Janet Napolitano, a Democrat, to make half of them private.

    Read more: http://www.azcentral.com/news/articles/2010/08/22/...

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    Sounds like vicious rumor to me. Better get your facts straight before spreading hate.

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