what are good techniques to quickly memorize vocab?

I have a test friday on phobias, and the last one i did absolutely horrible on, and i want to change that on this one, so what can i do to help me memorize the various phobias that i have to memorize quickly and accurately?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    4 square should help you memorize the vocabulary quickly. Draw a four square and then watchu do with the squares is the following things:

    (1st Square)Word Definition In Your Own Words (2nd Square) Image for your word

    (3rd Square)Synonyms And Antonyms (4th square)Sentence Of The Word

    This might help you 'cause this is what I used to memorize all the vocabulary words!

    Oh wait, did you just mean to memorize the words or the meanings of it too ? If you need to memorize the meanings of it then use the above to do it.

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    Associate each word with something. Like, acousticophobia means 'fear of noise', and you could remember that because the word 'acousticophobia' has the word 'acoustic' in it. I know a lot of phobias dont contain such clues in them, so try to find some association.

    i hope this helps a little. good luck, you can do it! :)

  • 1 decade ago

    Draw a funny picture for each one. I did it for all of my vocabulary in English classes...

    For example, condescending (although that's a common word, I doubt anybody doesn't know what it means):

    Two people are standing in a coffee shop, one employee and one customer. "A Frappuccino, please."

    The employee, frowning, says "This isn't Starbucks."

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