How can i create a Blackfin USB driver for WinCE?

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I am a newbie to this embedded world.I just joined a small startup company in my place as a trainee directly after i completed my degree in Electronics Engineering. I am working on Blackfin processor BF 527..we have an evaluation kit ADSP BF-527 EZ Kit Lite...

The example codes for USB drivers for bulk IN and OUT transfers that come with the VisualDSP++ 5.0 works fine with the windows XP OS...

But how can i design a driver with the BF 527 as a device and a processor running WinCE as the host. Can anyone please please tell me how do i start from the scratch..

I am a complete fresher who doesnt have any experience.I even read about USB after coming to this company 20 days back..

Please reply

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  • AJ
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    10 years ago
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    Your SDK should have the source code for the host driver. If not, you can download it (see the link below). You need a C++ compiler for your Windows CE. It should come with standard libraries that the code links to. The embedded portion running on BF527 would be no different than whatever you have working with XP. Once you compile the driver for the host, it should work as well.

    BTW, ADI has support for their processors. Why don't you contact them instead. This way you'll have a better chance to get correct answers than from Yahoo. Also, if you are doing any serious development, do not buy EZ Lite kits. Whatever money you saved vs buying the full version is going to be lost in many wasted hours every time you encounter any issue.

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  • vazid
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    3 years ago

    Blackfin Usb Driver

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