What are the US States Nicknames made in 1861?

i need the state and their nicknames but the latest date they can have is 1861 thanks!!

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    As far as i'm aware not every state had a nickname, official or otherwise, before 1861 and others have changed from their original. I've listed those that meet your specific criteria.

    Alabama- The Cotton State (1844) The Lizard State (1845) Cottondom (1856)

    Arkansas- Bear State (1858)

    California- Gold State (1848)

    Conneticut- The Freestone State (1843) Mother of States (1838)

    Delaware- Blue Hen State (1800)

    Georgia- The Pine State (1843)

    Illinois- The Prairie State (1842)

    Indiana- The Hoosier State (1830)

    Iowa- The Hawkeye State (1859)

    Kansas- The Squatter State (c.pre US Civil War)

    Kentucky- Dark and Bloody Ground / Bluegrass State (c.pre US Civil War)

    Louisiana- Pelican State (1859)

    Maine- Lumber State (1843)

    Maryland- Old Line State (c.1810) Terrapin State (c.1830)

    Massachusetts- Old Bay State (1839)

    Michigan- Wolverine State (1846)

    Mississippi- Border-Eagle State (1846)

    Missouri- Bullion State (1848) Puke State (1827)

    New Hampshire- Granite State (1830)

    New York- The Seat of Empire (1784) Empire State (1820)

    North Carolina- Tar and Turpentine State (1844) Turpentine State (1859)

    Ohio- Yankee State (c.1820) Buckeye State (1840)

    Pennsylvania- Keystone State (1802)

    Rhode Island- Plantation State (1847) Little Rhody (1851)

    South Carolina- Palmetto State (1843)

    Tennessee- Lion's Den (1843) Volunteer State (1847)

    Virginia- Old Dominion (1778)

    Wisconsin- Badger State (1830)

    Hope it helps.

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    This will take some work. The hard part, as you already know, is figuring out how old the nicknames really are.

    Check the site which has long lists of nicknames,


    and then this site, which explains about each nickname:


    This second site shows these examples:

    The Old North State

    In 1710, Carolina was divided into northern and southern sections. The southern section was called South Carolina and the northern section was called North Carolina. "The Old North State" is a reference to the northern section.

    The Lizard State

    An abundance of lizards along Alabama streams, in early times, led to this nickname.

    The Green Mountain State

    This well-known nickname for the state of Vermont is in reference to the Green Mountains named by Samuel de Champlain in 1647.

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