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I put pics of lingerie models on the computer screen...?

I put pics of Victoria's Secret models wearing lingerie up onmy mom's computer screen. I used the computer about 40% of the time. Even when I was off of it and not using it, I'd leave the pics up there. Some pics would be of Stephanie Seymour in a really sexy pose and some would be of Heidi Klum in a thong. When Gisele Bundchen and Adriana Lima came onto the scene, I pu their pics up as well. The question is, was this a way of expressing myself or something. Kinda like comming of age? The thing is she never even spoken to me about having them up there and these were some REALLY sexy pics. . Not sure if that would be of any significance. And I also posted pics of Korean Supermodle Morena Corwin in some really trashy(not nudity) poses. Now for those who would say, well ur a guy, still, I"m just being curious as to why she never told me to get them off of the screen and screen savers. Could I get an in dept answere. And also, is this normal to do? And why?

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However, should I feel iffy about putting these ones up?

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    Pictures of sexy women on your own computer is perfectly normal. You're a teenager and are getting more and more sexually curious. Most guys have sexy pictures and/or videos on their computers, and the majority of women do too. Putting them all over your mom's computer, however, may not be the nicest thing to do.

    Your mom probably hasn't said anything because she understands that it's perfectly normal for you to be into women. Why you're doing it? I guess it is self-expression to some degree, but you are also testing your mom's boundaries and seeing how much you can get away with.

    Don't risk upsetting your mom, even if she hasn't said anything. Even if you use the computer 40% of the time, it's your mom's computer. Also, your mom really doesn't need to know about your sexual desires.

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    Of course you are a guy. guys are interested in sexy women. It's totally natural.

    But there is also something called self-control and honor.

    Your mom probably did not know how to discuss this with you...so you should stop putting her in that predicament. Or your mom likes sexy chicks too...which is a whole different story.

    Go find something useful to do...this is a waste of your time.

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    to submit a percentof a underclothes style on a working laptop or laptop it truly is utilized by ability of your mom is slightly insensitive. How approximately enable her use a fireman as a historic past and notice how gentle you're watching that.

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    Maybe she wants you to use your conscience and evidently it is bothering you because you feel uncomfortable with it up there and your mother isn't saying anything. Is she supposed to say something? Did anything happen before similar to that and she said something? I suggest you remove them and then see your mom's reaction.

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