Can the waist trimmer belt help contour a stomach that only has about 3 inches of fat?

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Ok, I know that the waist trimmer doesnt burn fat and it's only excess water weight so don't tell me that. My question is do you think wearing the belt over time will more
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I am currently wearing one of those belts right now, have been for the last week or so. I was having major issues with water retention and thought this might help, especially with the belly bloating. To be honest I really have not seen much of a difference, but I don't tend to sweat that much anyway, never have. I do notice I sweat a little bit more around my middle with it on. My main reason I have ben wearing it is for back support as weird as that sounds, plus mine has an ice pack compartment which I love and only cost $9 so can't complain. I have been doing physical therapy and have had my back realigned but they all kept slipping back the moment I got home and started lifting my baby and things. They tried taping me up which did nothing, I have a lower back brace but is so constricting when I sit down it was useless unless I remained standing all day which ended up hurting more things then it was helping. The belly trimmer has just a little support to it that it keeps my bones where they need to be, helps my posture but does not cut off the circulation to my legs when I sit down so I can wear it all day. I would do not think it would be able to keep fat off any area but possibly give an illusion of a trimmer belly over a long period mainly for the better posture.
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