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i put scented lubriderm on my new tattoo. what will that do?

im afraid this may affect my color. i didnt realize it was scented. so ive been applying it 4 6 days, & its been irritated. i think part of my scab came off 2 early. it looks kinda scared, not even. will it be ok?

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    Might make it sting and could irritate your tattoo. Get your self some UNscented luberderm and switch over to using that, you're not supposed to use any thing with a scent or petroleum jelly in the lotion. You can use Luberderm instead of A&D or tattooing ointments, I did and my tattoos came out just fine.

    You're tattoo should be fine you have only had it for over a week, it's still healing and tattoos can look a little wonky as they go through the flaking stages. Give it another week or two and see if things look better. If not then you can have it retouched when the tattoo is healed.

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    Well it isn't that the scent or dyes just sting, it is that an element is introduced that can cause irritation or effect the tattoo in a variety of ways. You want to keep it as pure and clean as possible for the best healing, and therefore the best outcome.

    Lubriderm always stings at first, and then settles down after a couple of days.

    I wouldn't worry too much, but just get yourself some unscented and no dye Lubriderm or Curel (they are the best, but any white no scent no dye lotion that is similar would work).

    You also should avoid scabbing, by patting off any seepage/ink transfer whenever you see it, with clean paper towels. Scabbing can pull color out also. But if you have scabs, you leave them alone and let them fall off on their own.

    Here's a video on current aftercare:

    Youtube thumbnail

    If you feel that your tattoo has been compromised, (when it is healed about 1 month) or the ink didn't take quite as well as it should, this is perfectly normal, and you go back to your tattoo artist to get a touch up, and they will pound more ink in, and then you do excellent aftercare all over again for as long as it takes.

    When it is completely and totally healed use a high SPF sunblock all of the time (50 - 85)

    Your tattoo goes through a series of stages and doesn't look good at all until a protective layer of skin grows over the ink and heals (and is no longer milky or shiny).

    Your color will also be effected by your skin tone, since you see the ink through this layer of skin.


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    You never want to use scented lotion on a tattoo, it can cause some weird reactions possibly leaving you with a scar or messing up your piece. A lot of scented hand soaps and lotions contain things that you do not want to be getting into your skin, different chemicals and concentrated organic things. Honestly starting out though I would recommend you use Aquafor, at least for the first 4 to 5 days applying a very thin coat to the point where you can't really tell its on there. Too much can pull the ink out of the skin. Switch to lotion after those first few days and with that you can apply it whenever it is dry, Aquafor should be applied a maximum of 2 times daily.

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    It shouldn't really do anything other than the irritation - the reason for the "non-scented" part of the advice is that scented lotion tends to sting. And wait until your tattoo has fully healed before analyzing it & go see your tattoo artist to see what he/she thinks. Your tattoo artist should give you a free touch-up if needed.

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    you put lubriderm on your brand new fresh tattoo? Did your artist tell you how to take care of your tattoo? Or did you not listen?

    You shouldn't be putting lotion on the tattoo until its fully healed.

    You get the tattoo, they blot it to get the blood off... they put ointment and seran wrap over it. and tell you how to take care of it.

    You need to apply ointment like A&D everyday, then keep it protected dint let it rub against clothing, lightly wash, pat dry re apply ointment, let it air out, it will scab over, then the scab will fall out, when it looks healed THEN put NON scented lotion on it.

    I really wouldn't be surprised if your tattoo had the color pulled out I can see why its irritated. But stop putting lotion on the unhealed part! use ointment! get some from your artist. If its irritated then your doing something wrong. so STOP doing it.

    call up your artist. You might need to get a touch up.....

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