which gaming console is better ps3 or xbox 360?

is ps3 really better than xbox 360 which system is better

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  • 9 years ago
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    PS3 because internet is included and it has a longer life. Xbox 360s are known for not lasting very long, and in order to get internet you have to buy xbox live.

  • 9 years ago

    Xbox 360 does have more games than the ps3 but the game production of the play-station 3 is 3 times more than the 360, if you give a couple more years and ps3 will have more games, ps3 has better quality and can be more realistic than the 360 if it tryed plus they have a blue-ray player, witch can give it a good boost over the 360, 360 on the other hand has project NATAL comming soon witch you can watch about in the link below, also it has a Milo character comming soon witch also has a link, Milo has some high tech technology witch will give it a big boost in 360's popularity, but the down side is that its gana be expensive, and so will NATAL.

    a lot of 360 users have moded xbox 360 and illegally download games for the 360 witch is a big downside for game profits but is a reason people buy 360 to save money on games, and you can do the same for the older version of ps3, and that's why they made the slime with extra protective programing, and i forgot to menchin that a lot of 360 games are on the ps3.

    my favorite games are mostly on the 360 and they dont have it for the ps3, but a lot of the games i like on ps3 they dont have on 360, but in 2010 360 takes the lead.

    NATAL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p2qlHoxPioM

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    Milo: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bpC2TXhJGkE

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  • 9 years ago

    Look mate

    Don't listen to any of the others coz they're gonna complain and get pissy about which one is better

    the truth is there is only one way you decide which one is better... and tht is by preference

    The PS3: has superior graphics to the xbox 360 and with the Blu-Ray discs that can hold up to 50GB of memory on a single sided disc which means bigger games and more detailed graphics.

    Plus you get to have a Games console AND a Blu-Ray Player which I must say is worth while.

    The Xbox 360: Although not being able to keep up with Sony's Blu-Ray Disc Capabilities, I surely makes up for in online features. The online features are Downloadable Games (Arcade, Community, Demo, Retro, Retail), Online Play (The online play on the xbox 360 is amazing and people don't give it enough credit), Avatars (Avatar Store, Avatar Rewards), Facebook, Twitter, FM Radio (its not exactly radio but you can pick an artist and the first song will be of tht artist and the rest will be similar artists... its mainly for finding new artists with the same sound as your favourite), Sky Player and a Weekly feed (of updates on new games, strategies, FAQ's)

    I have both, so i can give you an honest answer

    PS3: Flashy, Detailed, Best For Graphics and 100% Smooth Running Games

    Xbox 360: Simple, Straight to the point, Best for Online Play

    Both for fun

    Think of it this way...

    Xbox 360: P.C

    PS3: Mac

    Most people would get the Mac/Ps3 if they could afford it because it is stylish, but since they can't they stick with the P.C/Xbox 360

    Source(s): Experience
  • 9 years ago

    I would go with PS3 if you want to play online because its free, it has a web browser, plays dvds and blue ray, and a bunch of other nice features. The only thing i don't like about mine is that you have to constantly update the system to play online (the first one may take a couple hours but the rest usually don't take long as long as you don't skip versions), theres no memory cards it all saves tou the system itself witch means you cant play your saved files on someone else's system, and you can only play PS3 games and some PS1 games if you buy the 8 gig but you can play PS2 games if you buy the 16 gig (so if you have a PS2 and still play it don't get rid of it unless you buy the more expensive 16 gig). And next time just search yahoo answers before you ask questions because theres always someone who asks this question at least once a week.

    Also the Xbox 360s brake alot all of my friends that own them say they're allways geting them fixed.

    Source(s): An experianced PS3 owner
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  • 9 years ago

    Both are great consoles. I’m starting to notice the benefits of the PS3. Note that I have an Xbox 360 and not a PS3. I just got an email from Microsoft regarding their prices on xbox live membership! They are going to raise prices!!!! But other than that Xbox 360 is great. Just prepare yourself for some annual expenses on you Xbox membership. I also recommend you to get the Xbox 360 slim.



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  • 9 years ago

    I own both systems and the PS3 has a way stronger micro processor since it runs games into 12 parts while the Xbox360 runs graphics into 4 parts. This is apparent since the PS3 has a blu ray reader. Most games are ported over to the PS3 because it is easier to make it on Xbox. Xbox has a defect in it called the "RED RING OF DEATH" and you have to pay for online. Xbox360 has gets DLC faster than PS3 since Microsoft makes exclusivity agreements with game developers. But the exclusive games for PS3 have much higher quality look at the reviews for PS3 exclusives and compare with Xbox360's exclusives.

  • 9 years ago

    The answer really depends on *** YOUR *** criteria. Anything we say is simply opinion without knowing how to judge "better".

    As an example, in my son's situation, most of his friends already had an XBox360 before he got his. The better choice in our case was the XBox360 so he could play with his friends. If you aren't worried about that, do you care about platform specific games? If game X is only available on the PS3, and you love that game, the PS3 would be a better choice for you.

    Without criteria, all you'll get for system selection is opinion.

  • 9 years ago

    XBox 360 better choice of games, better internet, and better dashboard. Plus XBox 360 has been around longer. Plus Red Rings of Death is not that bad (that is as long as you don't have all 4 at one time).

  • 9 years ago

    lol this question gets all us nerds going but to be honest with u all i bought both so i can see a lil of both worlds ps3 has free internet but the net play is not as good as xbox online play but with an xbox u don't get the blue ray i can go on and on but it depends on what kinda games u like and if u like playing stuff like call of duty and halo if u like to play both of those games id choose the xbox but if u like to play games such as uncharted or football games ps3 would be better plus the ps3 has blue ray!!!!

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    9 years ago

    For me, this is a pretty tough question to answer. I own an Xbox 360, so you would expect me to prefer it. However, I wouldn't mind trying the playstation 3 for myself. I can't honestly answer this question since I haven't tried the playstation 3, but I will say that I like xbox live a lot.

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