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okay i want to become an army ranger im not in any branch so i can chose but what ever branch ill be going in as a PFC or AFC or w/e I was wondering how dose someone get into the rangers? and do you have to be a certain rank or a certain number of years in the military? or a certain branch? which branch is the easiest to become a Ranger? basically i need as much info as you can give

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    At your recruiter, tell him you want an 11X Option 4 contract. If they're not available, wait until they are because they're the best way to become a Ranger. This will guarantee you a slot in Ranger Assessment and Selection Program (RASP-formerly known as RIP).

    When you join the ARMY (only branch if you want to be a Ranger), you'll have to finish BCT, AIT, Jump School (Airborne School) before you get your RASP. If you complete RASP, you'll be assigned to a Ranger Unit and can deploy with them. You will have to sign up for Ranger School as soon as possible after RASP because you'll need to finish Ranger School to be a true Ranger.

    Source(s): I'm in a similar position, except I've done a crapload of research (though the veterans might have more accurate info than I do).
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    You don't have to have any prior experience to join.

    You just have to ask an ARMY recruiter for 11-B Infantry with Option 40. Most likely, they will tell you they have no contracts left. This is where you tell them you will not join unless you get that contract in which they'll either go into the back room and come back with an Option 40 or you tell them you'll just hit the next recruiting station.

    If you make it past Basic in Ft. Benning (known for its reputed toughness and rough terrain), you'll go to Advanced Individual Training, then Airborne School (3 weeks), and the 8 week long RASP. If you pass RASP, you'll be assigned to a Ranger battalion.

    Also, to clarify, RASP and the leadership school known as the Ranger School are two different things. Ranger School is an intense three phase training camp lasting 2 months. At Ranger School, you'll average 4 hours of sleep a night, eat 1-2 meals a day while performing physically and mentally strenuous tasks. Around 67% of those who attend will fail. Now, anyone in the military (any branch, any unit) can go to Ranger School and get their tab if their unit is willing to pay for them. The Ranger tab is a sign of prestige and leadership. But it is NOT a sign of them being part of the Army Rangers.

    Instead, a member of the 75th Ranger Regiment will have what is known as the Ranger Scroll. This is the official insignia of the Army Rangers. If you see a person with the Ranger Scroll, that means that they're official Army Rangers.

    While a soldier from the 75th Ranger Regiment is qualified (and expected) to go to Ranger School to complete their Ranger training, they don't have to. In fact, some spend their entire years in the Rangers not having gone to Ranger School.

    If you're going to the Army Rangers, I would advise you to check out the links attached to this answer. There is a strong online support community for those wanting to be Rangers. These links will help you with becoming physically and mentally fit.

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    You have to be in the Army. And you must get opt 40 Ranger in your enlistment contract or you will likely never get into the Rangers. They usually only take new recruits, and really only like to promote from within. So doing something else for a couple years and then trying will hurt you. BTW Ranger school does not equal being a Ranger. Going to RASP and getting into the 75th is being a Ranger. They are two distinctly different things.

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    ARMY is the only way to go Ranger.

    option 40 in your contract will guarantee a spot in RASP (Ranger Assessment and Selection Program) pass that and you will be a Ranger.

    you do not need to be a certain rank or server a certain number of years in the military to go to RASP.

    -why does everyone always say to get 11x or 11b in their contract?! there are other MOS's that the Rangers take! dont limit yourself to infantry...unless of course that is all you want.

    Source(s): Ranger Wife
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    Well Rangers are the ARMY its not offered in other branches those would be SEALs, Marine Recon. etc. and the higher your score on the ASVAB the better your chances are (but the ARMY is easy to get into) and as for years of service i dont think you need a whole lot but its probably not something you want to jump right into you know? Maybe do infantry (11b) for a few years get some rank and experience then go to air borne school (Need to complete that first to be a ranger) then you can request ranger school.

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    I don't think you're ready for the Rangers. For you to not even know the correct branch is friggin scary.

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    You have to sit down with an Army Recruiter.

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