a question for you guys regarding the type of porn you watch.?

let me start by saying, I myself like watching porn. However, my 30 yr old boyfriend of several years is into TEEN PORN, I have found this on his search history. I know there are several different types of porn out there but I am a bit worried and disgusted @ his like for this, the girls on those sites look like they just turned 18, baby faces big bobs small boobs. It's always TEEN PORN he searches for. Does this mean anything? I'm 32, I may look 25 and been told constantly but the fact remains, I'm not 18. I'm a woman not a young girl. He tells me I'm EVERYTHING he wants and needs, so why the teen porn? I would appreciate any tips and advice from y'all out there. Thank you.

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    Well...first of all 'teen porn' is women age 18-30, and the average age of a 'teen' porn woman is 25. Sure lots of them 'look' like this just turned 18...but that is an illusion. The world is full of people that don't exactly look their age....so they find that 20 something woman who looks 18 and take pictures of her.

    Porn ages go, Teen(18-30), Milf(30-40) and granny(50+)

    You are everything he needs...in real life. Porn is fantasy. When you look at fantasy, it is by definition not real. And that is the whole point of fantasy and fiction...it's not real. Actors come from the top 1% of people and don't represent the other 99% of humanity, for example.

    When you look at fantasy fiction and drama....why are all the guys so hot? Every soap opera has plenty of beefcake guys with no shirt on...so do romance movies and chick flicks. And chances are you watch and like them. But wait, does that say you only like guys with rock hard bodies? Should he be worried?

    Naturally, he does not look at porn that looks like you..that would be weird. For the fantasy to be real it has to be different.

    And if he really, really wanted young 18 year olds..he would dump you and head over to the high school and find 'easy' girls.

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    The issue here isn't about porn. He's asking you to do things you're not comfortable with such as taking nude pictures and strip dancing. You're his wife and not some form of entertainment. The videos and pics on his laptop ARE his types of videos or they wouldn't be there. A man can be a professional and a loving person and still have a problem with sexual addictions or fetishes. You need to talk this out with him and don't let him bullsh*t his way through his explanations. Trust your own instincts because you already know something is very wrong here.

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    You read far too much into this.

    I think there might be more innocent reasons for looking at teen porn. A lot of times, teens have not gotten wider hips or saggy breasts... You may not fit that description, but in porn, looking at 30 year old women is a waste of time. The whole reason to look is to see beauty. You may be the exception at 32 years old, but that does not mean the porn pics of women your age are as appealing as you are.

    The only reason I think younger women look better sometimes is the skin tone and smoothness. Very few 30+ women have that smooth of skin and firmness in the skin.

    I don't think your man would ever consider sleeping with a minor. But why should he look at older bodies when the younger ones are better?

    That would be like you going shopping and skipping the fashionable clothing and going right to the rack that has outdated styles. You wouldn't do that because that defeats the purpose of shopping for new clothes. When your man is 60, he will still prefer a 22 year old body to look at. Does it mean he will sleep with someone his granddaughters age? No... but what looks good, looks good, and what doesn't, doesn't.

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    This could just be the taboo desire that some people have. Everyone has a vice or desire that they love or like that is out of the ordinary or strange.

    I wouldn't worry about it too much, unless he tries to have you dress up in a kiddie way (that could be a bit creepy. If you want to finish off his desire or try to quench it a bit, why not get a sexy school uniform? It's a tad weird but could satisfy him enough to not look at that porn if it bothers you that much. Though I wouldn't say it's guaranteed but it could be fun. :)

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    If you show it to me, I will look at any type of porn because looking at female genitalia is exciting. Do I go looking for porn, no because there isn't anything you can do with a picture once you get excited.

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    We like to look at what we like to look at. Stop trying to read anything into it. You are putting yourself in danger of falling into the silly trap that so many women fall into: comparing yourself against porn models/actresses. Hear this well: men do not compare. I have watched a great deal of porn, and never once have I later been looking at my wife and thought, "I wish she looked like that porn star I looked at earlier." Not once.

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    9 years ago

    Pron is just something to beat off too. You have no need to worry about it unless he start looking at porn with underage teens, then you have a problem and you need to report him.

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    I wouldn't worry about it. Most guys fantasize about younger women. I'd be willing to bet your bf knows that the women in the videos are seasoned pros and not the "teens" they promote. Now, if you start seeing "child porn" searches, I'd get the hell out.

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    As has been stated a million times - a man's interest in porn has no bearing on his satisfaction with his partner or her looks.

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