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what can you tell me about aflac, also how can a person enroll in it?


What do you mean by proper insurance

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    Ok: Aflac offers coverage that provides $ direct to the policyholder in case of covered events such as short term disability, life, cancer, accident, hospitalizations, dental and many more. You can select one or all coverages depending on your own needs, concerns and budget.

    You usually will find people putting down what they do not understand - I have seen Aflac provide dollars to clients that were used to pay the mortgage, lights, groceries - life that continues on if we have a major accident or illness.

    Aflac does not pay doctors or hospitals - that is the purpose for major medical if you have that option at work or can afford it. Aflac pays you, when my father had cancer the power company did not call and ask if he was working or had the $ - they just wanted the bill paid.

    Aflac is best obtained in a pay roll group, you have discounted rates and convenience - but Aflac belongs to you, so long as paid at least one month via pay roll and you leave for any reason you can keep any Aflac individual/family coverage on a direct basis and at the same rate.

    There are many Aflac options also available on a direct basis if it is not available via pay roll.

    This would include life, dental, accident and our second to none Cancer coverage options.

    NO competitor for supplemental coverage pays more per dollar in to out in claims and no other has a prompter claims payment system. The duck is cute but he is backed up.

    You need to find a good agent in your area (if you are in NC, reply to this comment).

    Aflac is some of the most affordable peace of mind you will find.

    Source(s): Aflac career assosicate for 4+ years and I have seen it make a big difference for my clients.
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    It is a highly over priced insurance that insures against minor events. You should have a proper life policy, disability policy, etc. Cancer policies, AFLAC supplemental policies, etc are typically not needed if you are properly insured.

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    It is pseudo-insurance. It wont actually pay for medical bills but will compensate you for expenses associated with an illness or disability.

    You can only purchase Afack through your employer. The employer pays nothing, and everything comes out of your paycheck. Have your employer contact their agent, or just contact your HR department.

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    Don't know only that it advertises with a duck. Call insurance talk to agent to enroll.

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