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Where can i find listings and pics of rent to own homes without paying or signing up?

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Best Answer
craigslist.org. or Google "craigslist <your community name>" for the one in your area.

FYI: rent-to-own is pretty much a scam. Don't bother.

Why is it a scam? Because the owner can simply raise his/her price by the amount of "ownership" you have accumulated.
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  • Katey answered 5 years ago
    You can contact rent realtors that will search their listings for these sales. A lot of realtors such as those who own the properties offer rent to own. But this is usually found with certain realtors or real estate business that sell only their properties. You maybe required to purchase an option/contract plan. Regular owners don't want to rent, sell options and may not consider rent to own as an offer. However, the best place to start is rentals. Ask for a rent to own lease and maybe they will have owners who are interested in renting and selling.
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  • Genuine Guidance answered 5 years ago
    Probably Craigs List or your local newspaper may have some lease option homes listed.

    Any site that has already done the research and neatly compiled the info for you will charge a price to see the list.
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  • G C answered 5 years ago
    Look for places in the area you want to live.
    Of course, this place might be where you want to get a job or afford a house.

    I'd start out with Yahoo.com and plug in the city you're looking for.. there are lots of Real Estate Listings on there.

    Go from there.

    G C
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  • skr answered 5 years ago
    Rent to own is for washers and dryers, not homes, It may be a good option if you have horrid credit but with the rates currently being at an all time low why not look into getting financing from a bank
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  • where can i find listings and pics of rent to own homes without paying or signing up?
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