Loading an 1860 Uberti Henry lever action rifle?

How do you load a cartridge into an original style Henry rifle? These are the top ejecting models, not the side ejection like modern Henry rifles. This particular model is a 44-40.


This first answer might be right...what if it did have this patent and fired modern 44-40 ammo but was based on the original rifle?

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    the originals had a lift and turn to the side cover on the magazine tube, pull the follower all the way up to the end of the barrel, lift the sleeve towards the end of the barrel and turn it sideways, this opens the loading gate, now drop your cartridges bullet end up, lift and turn the sleeve to close and allow the follower to fall into the notch, done, ready to action and fire.

    only other cheaper "replicas" use the kings gate(found on all new centerfire lever actions), which wasn't invented until 6 years(1866) after the henry 1860 was started, so the uberti is the only authentic replica that I seen.

    Source(s): side note: it was a Henry 1860 that was used in the movie "night of the living dead" they actually show exactly how it's loaded: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zgS4lGSq0DQ&feature... (6:10 into the video, skip to it) also, here's a picture showing the sleeve that needs to be turned: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Henry_Rifle_Load...
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    Henry 1860

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    1860 Henry Rifle

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    An original Henry did not have the King's Patent loading gate and was in 44 rimfire.

    The follower was pulled back to the forward section of the magazine tube and that section was twisted out of the way. The rounds were then dropped into the tube. The front of the follower was twisted into position and follower pushed against the ammunition.

    The Uberti 1860 is a very good copy of the original. 44 rimfire ammunition is not available. 44-40 is the next best thing. Being a brass-framed rifle it cannot take high-pressure cartridges.


    1860, no loading gate http://www.uberti.com/firearms/1860_henry.php

    The King's patent loading gate appeared on the 1866.


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    B. Tyler Henry designed the Henry Rifle, which replaced into an progression over an formerly Volcanic rifle and pistols produced via Horace Smith and Daniel Wesson. The rifle replaced into produced via New Haven hands business enterprise which grew to become Winchester hands business enterprise and then US Repeating hands business enterprise.

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    First answer is correcty as is the second. The currently produced factory ammo or properly reloaded ammunition kept to these pressures is fine for use in your rifle and any other modern production one of good quality. The early 20th century high velocity loads & modern duplicates thereof are NOT advised. I'm not even sure they are acceptable in a modern 1873 copy with it's steel reciever.

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    If it did have the King's Patent loading gate it would not be an 1860. That was not used until the 1866.

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