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I have to go diarrhea on my date!?

I was on my date, then I farted a little, but I don't think he heard.

I excused myself for the bathroom, and I had diarrhea, but when it stopped i went back.

Then about 10 minutes later, I felt weird in my stomache, but I ignored it, then I made a weird, liquidy, disguisting fart, and he looked up, and he looked a little embarrassed for some reason. So i started sweating, and blushing, and excused myself again, then I came back 5 minutes later again, and it's been awkward, then I let that liquid gross fart slip again, and quickly excused myself AGAIN, and I didn't even want to look at his face. Now, I'm on the toilet, now my diarrhea is really bad, it's REALLY bad, and right now I don't know if I'm ever getting out of here. And I thnk my relationship is done... I'm soooo embarrassed I want to hide and cry.

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  • 10 years ago
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    It is either from something you ate or from nerves. I would say a bit of both. Best thing is to be honest with him. Everyone has been through embarrassing situations and if he is mature about it he will take you home and make another date for another time when you are feeling better. This time, take some Pepto Bismol before leaving home, just in case it's nerves causing your diarrhea. Eat yogurt when you get home, it will stop the diarrhea.

    Source(s): retired paramedic
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  • weyant
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    3 years ago

    Diarrhea Date

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  • 10 years ago

    Don't worry. Things like that happen. If he doesn't leave and wants to bring you home to help you feel better then you know he is a good guy. If not and he leaves, nothing to worry about, he just wasn't the right guy for you. If he truly likes you he will understand and want to help you feel better.

    hope this helps

    • 2 years agoReport

      If it is a 1st date it can be difficult not too be judged and that is usually when **** happens, but yeah you are right if someone can't look past nature then f#$# him or her.

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  • 10 years ago

    it happens to everyone! Don't feel bad.. if your date doesn't understand then he isn't a good date.. trust me I'm sure he's been in the same situation before! try to feel better, your nerves could be upsetting your stomach, hope this helps, good luck

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  • 6 years ago

    I would have just left you at the restaurant with your mud butt and the bill!

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