Any spoilers for degrassi season 10?

lately ive fallen in love with degrassi and i just can not wait until october to see the new ones!! does anyone have any new info.? :) thank you

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    -Clare's parents finally divorce and it leaves her emotionally unstable. She deside's tp gp against her religion and cancels her abstinance. She wants to have sex with Eli so she throughs herself at him, but he truely knows that she is only doing it because she is rebeling. He knows that she is truely not ready so he rejects her offer. That is when she is walking away crying. She then thinks that he does not find her "sexy" or "physically attractive" so she changes her look to the goth look because she thinks that he would like her more like that.

    -Eli starts having haluccinations about his dead ex-girlfriend, Julia.

    -The gun that Dave is holding up is a Tazor gun.

    -Leia is leaving Degrassi for good because her actor is attending Harvard University. On the show, Leia is moving to Hong Kong.

    -Ali will only be on a couple of episodes because her actor, Melinda Shankar, is doing a movie called "How To Be Indie".

    -There are rumors of Adam not being in the season after these epsiodes.

    -Drew gets an STD from Bionca.

    -They are going to start doing Degrassi Minis again soon.

    It starts back as "Degrassi: The Breaking Point" on Tuesday, October 8th, 2010.

    Got any spoilers or corrections then let me know : )

    Your Welcome!

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    Sorry there are no spoilers out yet. We can only predict what will happen. All i know is that Alli will leave for a while and that Leia is leaving for good. She is going to harvard! Eli is hiding another secret. Clare goes gothic to impress him. Check this out.

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    Um Degrassi season 10 has already aired o_o that was degrassi the boiling point wasn't it?

    and not really I don't look into spoilers and all that o_o

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    The commercials are really obvious so just look online.

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    i have not see much about this show ,may be you can watch it on dvd

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