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top 10 mma fighters of all time?

1. fedor

2. royce gracie

3. anderson silva

4 matt hughes

5. gsp

6. chuck lidell

7. wanderlei silva

8. bj penn

9. randy couture

10. tito ortiz

what is your top 10.

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    Based on skill and accomplishment, I wouldn't have Royce in there at all. He was one-dimensional and didn't really fight too many good guys. His win over Ken in UFC 1 is probably his biggest win. I also think GSP has fought better opposition than Hughes, and is certainly more well-rounded. Liddell, again based on level of opposition and the length of his reign, should be ranked below Silva, who went undefeated for AGES in Pride, including three wins against Sakuraba, considered at the time of the first match to be the pound-for-pound best in MMA. So... here's my list:

    1) Fedor. He basically has only one legit loss and has faced all sorts of opponents, including Olympic medalists, K-1 kickboxing champs, guys who've held belts in other MMA organizations (including the UFC and Pancrase), ground-and-pound specialists, submission wrestling champs, counter-strikers, brawlers, and giants. He's beaten them all, most in decissive fashion. He's been the top dog in the HW division for years and effectively cleaned out the Pride HW division when it held the best fighters in the world.

    2) GSP. Great athleticism, probably the most well-rounded skills in MMA. Hasn't lost a round in years. His two losses have essentially come from the fact that his head wasn't in the game. He's effectively cleaned out the WW division, one of the most packed divisions in MMA.

    3) BJ Penn. Probably the most natural talent of any fighter I've ever seen. He's fought upwards of Light Heavyweight, and won as high up as Middleweight. His losses have come from the best of all time. Very well-rounded skills.

    4) Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira. Had Fedor never been born, he would have been the best HW fighter in the world for almost a decade. In his prime, he was practically indestructable, and had avenged losses to everyone except Fedor. His top-level ground game, combined with solid boxing and takedowns, made him a force to be reconned with.

    5) Bas Rutten. Great striker who learned the submission game. After losing some early matches to some great guys, he went on an undefeated streak. Beat some of the best fighters of his era, including Frank Shamrock, Mas. Funaki, Kevin Randleman, and "TK" Kohsaka.

    6) Anderson Silva. Cleaned out the UFC's MW division, though not without some controversy. Arguably the most skilled striker to have sustained success at the top of the MMA world. It could be argued, though, based on a few of his fights that he's not living up to his full, destructive potential, and the few times he's been put on the ground, he still shows a weakness there.

    7) Wanderlei Silva. Rulled the Pride "middleweight" (200lbs) division with an iron fist. And iron knees, and iron shins, etc. While not the most skilled fighter, he did effectively clean out his division, went for years without a loss, and had no problem stepping up against larger fighters (Mark Hunt, Mirko Crocop).

    8) Dan Henderson. One of the toughest guys in the sport. Fought HW all the way down to MW, and with few exceptions, always gave his opponent a tough fight. Olympic-level wrestling combined with powerhouse boxing made him skilled enough to dismantle most opponents.

    9) Matt Hughes. Was the unquestioned king of the WW division, UFC and beyond, for years. While his striking was nothing to write home about, his takedowns, ground-and-pound, top control, and even submissions were excellent.

    10) Kazushi Sakuraba. You don't beat four members of the Gracie family and not make the list. He was essentially a MW, some would say WW fighter, competing against heavyweights and LHWs. His grappling was unparalleled, his takedowns dropped all but the best, and his striking, while rudimentary, was creative and came with powerful kicks. Much like Anderson Silva is today, which Saku had his opponent in his world, he'd toy with them, which means a whole lot when "his world" is the ground/submission game and "his opponent" was often a BJJ black belt.

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    i would have put fedor on top but he lost recently to someone not to good so yea

    1. Anderson Silva

    2. Fedor Emelianenko

    3. Matt Hughes

    4. George St. Pierre

    5. Mauricio Shogun Rua

    6. Brock Lesnar

    7. Shane Carwin

    8. Lyoto Machida

    9. Frank Edgar

    10. Jake Shields

    Now let me explain. Royce Gracie was only a legend because nobody knew BJJ, Chuck Liddell at his prime couldn't beat Rampage Jackson (Pride Grand Prix) and Rampage couldnt beat forrest at his prime who honestly isn't that great of a fighter. Shogun is a great fighter who had a reasnable excuse for losing against forrest and having a sloppy performance against coleman. Excluding chuck liddell would also exclude randy and tito. BJ Penn is a great fighter but he has been on the down track lately and i think that edgar and maynard who are both continuing to improve deserve it much more than he does, especially because edgar kicked his ***. I think, and please dont kill me because he is my second favorite fighter, Wanderlei silva at his prime had easy wins besides rampage who was not yet at his prime. I want to put rashad but he has to beat shogun first. Brock i think is the best heavyweight out there right now but fedor at his prime was better. And as for jake shields hes the future of the welterweight division

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    2:royce gracie

    3:Randy Couture

    4: Bas Rutten

    5:bj penn

    6:Tank Abbott

    7:jose aldo

    8:matt hughes


    10:anderson silva

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    10 years ago

    1. GSP

    2. Fedor

    3. Couture

    4. Penn

    5. A. Silva

    6. W. Silva

    7. Don Frye

    8. Henderson

    9. Big Nog

    10. Velasquez (too early in his career to tell like "the lesnar guy said" lol but he will defantly be up there in the top 5 best pound for pound fighter)

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  • 10 years ago


    2.Anderson Silva

    3.Royce Gracie


    5.Matt Hughes





    10.When all is said and done Lyoto Machida

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    I am confused by your question. Do you mean in terms of fighting ability or notoriety? You have Fedor at #1 who hasn't even fought in the UFC. Royce Gracie who would never compete with anyone in the UFC today even in his prime (although Gracie revolutionized MMA with his introduction of MMA). You have Tito, who although wasn a champ at one time hasn't won a fight in 4 years. You have Hughes ranked higher than GSP even though GSP dominated him in the last 2 fights (although Hughes deserves to be on this list). I will rank according to fighting ability:

    1. GSP

    2. Couture

    3. Penn

    4. Hughes

    5. Liddell

    6. Anderson

    7. Wanderlei

    8. Nogueria

    9. Vitor

    10. Lesnar (early to tell, but it looks like he will have a dominant MMA career)

    Source(s): 10 year MMA fan
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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Of all time?

    in no Order



    anderson Silva

    Chuck Liddell

    Randy Couture

    Matt Hughes

    Cro Cop

    Big Nog

    Bj Penn

    Wanderlei Silva

    Current Top 10 right know?

    In No order


    anderson silva

    jake shields

    josh koscheck

    frankie edgar


    Brock Lesnar- only cause he is the Champ

    Mauricio Shogun Rua- can easily one day be in the top 10 best ever

    Fedor-still great, his loss was more of him pulling a dumb move which cost him the fight.

    i guess Shane Carwin- only for having been 12 and 0

    and having tore through 2 really good HW. Gonzaga, and Frank Mir- mir who would beat couture in a fight, and who beat big nog, and holds 1x over lesnar, and holds wins over ( kongo- great stand up) and holds a win over Tim Sylvia- who dominated the UFC hw divison for years, sure not against the best guys ever except jeff monson and AA, but even so he was 24 and 4 before losing to fedor and at the time was ranked in the top # 10 HW's.

    Randy Couture- got beat down hard by Big Nog, and Lesnar- randy is good just to old, lost his chin and to slow. lesnar barely tapped him and he went down, sense than he got destroyed by vera yet won a UD somehow.

    Also Carwin managed to beat lesnar down for 99% of the fight. His losing was like fedor's loss, he basically F#cked him self over, and essantially lost the fight by not following a great game plan and not thinking. While carwin can improve his cardio and be even way harder to beat, had he let lesnar stand or had he not gone all out on punching lesnar's arms and body while lesnar was covered up he wouldnt have gassed and not lost.

    Gonzaga- before beat by carwin was ranked a top 10 HW

    Best overall top 10 Fighters by skill?

    In No order


    Bj Penn

    Mauricio Shogun Rua

    Anderson Silva

    Chuck Liddell

    Wanderlei Silva


    Big Nog

    Lyoto Machida

    Demian Maia- just look at his record almost all wins by submission via impreisve a## skill in how he transitions for submissions etc.

    top 10 List of Fighters for wrestling

    No Order

    Chael Sonnen- takes anyone down, while his career is at 24 and 11. not terriable but not the best. Most of all his losses consit of him beating the guy up, until being submmited. Has success with stand up fighters who are not extremelly well rounded in grappling, thus he is able to take them down and either tko or more lately grind out and beat them by decision and dominate them and hurt them. see Okami and nate fight. Has Trouble With BJJ fighters who are Brazilian sense most of all his losses are to Brazillians and more so BJJ specialist Brazilian MMA fighters who are out standing Grapplers.

    Due to sonnen having subpar striking and not great power and follow through standing. he stands a way larger advantage over people by taking them down

    GSP- taken down, fitch, koscheck, and hughes all great wrestlers

    has beaten Dan Hardy

    Thiago Alves

    Bj penn- despite GSP greasing would of won anyways because he was afraid to strike

    Sean Sherk

    Matt Serra

    Frank Trigg

    Josh Koscheck-

    drives through opponents, has like never missed in his attempts. went into the GSP fight not having trained his wrestling for about a year, was so convinced he would k.o. gsp he stopped trying to stop

    GSP's takedowns, but none the less was able to get a single on GSP in the 1st round and reversed gsp's takedown after he got up.

    Matt Hughes

    Randy Couture

    Chuck Liddell- able to use it in reverse, which btw stopping takedowns is a lot harder at times than going for takedowns.

    Jon Fitch- despite his boring a## career, is able to take most of all people down.

    p4p right know

    Anderson Silva


    Jose Aldo

    Frankie Edgar

    Mauricio Shogun Rua

    Rashad Evans

    lyoto machida

    Jake Shields

    Jon Fitch

    Fedor- i guess i can give it to him. Bj Penn just lost again to Frankie Edgar. surely despite him not looking like his old self, 2 back to back losses to the same guy. Only the 2nd time you got outclassed even more and taken down even more. surely cannot mean you are in the p4p

    I only put fedor here right know. Because of 32 wins 0 losses for 10 years. and because he was able to beat so many top HW.s However the question is while fedor will go down as the most dominant HW ever

    the Most dominant MMA fighter ever

    most well rounded

    most well rounded HW

    on the p4p list for the longest time

    and undefeated list, against a lot of top guys.

    Recently in the past 2 years Fedor has not beaten a lot of Top HW.

    prior to 2007 was without a doubt best in HW divison

    i guess prior to 2008 to

    In 08 he only fought Tim Sylvia- he beat Tim who was 24 and 4 at the time

    and beat down big nog before getting submmited. tim left the UFC not cause he was cut. instead because of pay, the UFC keeps guys who go 4 and 4 at times see chael sonne. tim was 9 wins 4 losses in the UFC. 3 by submission 1 by decision

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