Environmental Help! Which major to pursue if I want Resource Management and sustainbility?

Im interested in helping the environment. As I read all jobs included, I realized it’s divided into 3 sections.

Section A: Environmental Protection

>> Air quality

>> Water Quality

>> Site Assessment & reclamation

>> Waste Management

>> Health & safety

Section B: Resource Management

>> Energy

>> Fisheries & wildlife

>> Natural Resource Management

Section C: Environmental Sustainability

>> Education & training

>> Research & Development

>> Policy and Legislation

>> Communications & public Awareness

And a common factor between all is Environmental Manager

Mostly I’m interested in Section B (Resource Management) and C (Environmental Sustainability) and Environmental Manager.

Which major should I study? Environmental Engineering? If not, then which major?

would an Environmental Major help me? What about an Industrial Engineeirng Major?

Thank you so much.

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    I'm not sure what is offered at the university you are attending. But I seem to think that Civil or environmental engineering would be the best thing for you to pursue. Some universities don't offer environmental engineering as a degree but rather a civil program with some focus on environmental courses. You could also complete a civil degree and later pursue a masters program in environmental engineering. Judging from everything you've asked and what you are interested in, I think you should go after civil engineering. A degree in engineering will just be a start, once you have this completed it will open you up to pursue other things further that you are interested in.

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    The be conscious itself is the main important. Sustainability presumes something or products may well be created indefinitely. it is extremely of a misnomer till you delve into quantum physics. The environmental suggestions-set is to examine how lots potential is had to produce something and then if it is recycled upload fin merchandise. The administration component is to calculate each and every of the variables and notice if it is created with the smallest volume of potential. it is likewise acknowledged how the human potential enter is had to be a area of the technique ie. labour calculations. alongside the line of this action/reaction (Newtonian physics) there will be losses. regrettably as a results of fact we are residing in a especially political society, interventions happens the two for the earnings of the entire or probably on uncommon activities to the appropriate solid for all! A sustainable source supervisor should be qualified in many the actual sciences, plus incredible workers skills. she or he might opt to fulfill the desires and circumstances of employment of the board of governors.

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    Please contact Kathleen Diehl at kdiehl@fs.fed.us and I'll send you a sheet that might help. I cannot paste it here because it is too long.

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