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Rate my Week 1 lineup 1 through 10?

Team 1

Drew Brees (QB)

Marques Colston (WR)

Mike Williams (WR)

Austin Collie (WR)

Rashard Mendenhall (RB)

Joseph Addai (RB)

Antonio Gates (TE)

Flex TE/WR - Zach Miller (TE)

Flex WR/RB -Ronnie Brown (RB)

Neil Rackers (K)

Baltimore (Def.)

Bench Tim Hightower (RB)

Bench Derrick Mason (WR)

Bench Dez Bryant (WR)

Bench Dexter McCluster (WR)

Bench Ben Rothlisberger (QB)

Bench Greg Camarillo (WR)

Bench Correll Buckhalter (RB)

Team 2

Matt Schaub (QB)

Miles Austin (WR)

Wes Welker (WR)

Johnny Knox (WR)

Chris Johnson (RB)

C.J Spiller (RB)

Dallas Clark (TE)

Stephen Gostkowski (K)

Baltimore (Def.)

Bench Zach Miller (TE)

Bench Jahvid Best (RB)

Bench Mike Wallace (WR)

Bench Kyle Orton (QB)

Bench Dexter McCluster (WR/RB)

Bench Mike Williams (WR)

How does it look?


Yea i was in a big draft for my first team so the big RB's went early. I will switch Dez for Williams, and most likely follow your advice in general. (First year playing)

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    Drew Brees is a great Quarterback, second in MVP voting last year. Colston is a good Wide Reciever who Brees gets it out to a lot. I don't see the point in having Mike Wiliams, sorry and Austin Collie isnt terrible, but you could definately have done better there. I think Mendenhal is a little over rated, so i dont really like him that much, but not terrible. Addai doesnt get a lot of touches, so that was a bad choice. Gates on the other hand is one of the best Tight ends coming into htis year. The two Flex spots could be better as well. Hightower is okay for your bench although he wont get the starting job and Mason is okay. Bryant could turn out to be ver good and he should be starting over Mike Williams. Rothlisburger looked good in the pre-season but maybe you could get some reciever or back help. Buckhalter could do good, i give this team a 6/10, it isnt a good team.

    Matt Shaub always gets good stats, but he tends to get hurt and Orton isnt really a great back-up. You did great with your recievers on this one, i think Welker will end up doing better than Randy Moss this season. Knox should do a little better because Hester will be focusing on returning kicks and wil play a lot less of reciever. Spiller should do good since he will play runningback and reciever. Chris Johnson is the best runningback in the league and he will get more points than anyone. Claek is a great tight end, and BEst should be a solid bench player. Mike Williams should be dropped, but this team is much better, i give it a 9/10.

    Hope this helps :-)

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    QB - Ryan and Brady - would be unable to circulate incorrect with those adult males. and you have multiple procuring and advertising skill with Matt Ryan. i might stick to Brady, yet whilst procuring and advertising Brady grants an elite RB (some might in all probability commerce an MJD, Matt distinctiveness or such for Brady) than supply him up. Ryan will produce respectable numbers. - 10 RB - Lynch, Bradshaw and Lewis - Sorry yet those adult males are unlikely to be super for you. Lynch and Lewis may well be ok yet are 2 and 3 innovations respectively. Bradshaw would be fortunate if he gets 5 consists of a interest on account that Brandon Jacobs is the form a million there - 4 WR - Fitz, Ocho cinco , Crayton and Muhs - respectable receiving corp. Ocho Cinco is an excellent question mark, yet with Carson Palmer wholesome and him being the form WR now...he might desire to pan out ok. Fitz is nails...Crayton and Muhs are question marks. - 8 TE - Winslow is mostly an excellent questions mark...who's familiar with what the guy is going to do. in case you're into playing save him...in case you're searching for greater consistency seem for adult males like Tony Scheffler (Den) and Dustin Keller (NYJ). Sheffler has Orton as his QB, and Orton loves his TE. Keller would be breaking in a rookie QB and newcomers continuously remember on that TE besides. the two have been in all probability missed and a minimum of one might desire to be obtainable by way of loose organization - 6 ok - who cares... - 5 D - With the Bears you would be unable to circulate incorrect. they have been banged up this previous season and optimistically are transforming into their injuries out of how early in the season. in spite of each and every of the injuries, they nevertheless had a respectable protection final 12 months, and it may purely get greater advantageous. - 7 So universal on a scale of a million-10 you get a 6.5. Like I reported you will possibly desire to be waiting to get honest fee for Brady or Ryan and it is going to be a sturdy RB. in case you commerce Ryan away seem for adult males like Ryan grant, or maybe like a LaDanian Tomlinson or perchance Brian Westbrook returned for him...in case you seem at shifting Brady assume a famous person...distinctiveness, MJD, DeAngelo Williams or Michael Turner. in case you may get any of those names you could develop to a sturdy 7 or maybe 7.5

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