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When you look at the "close senate races" why are Democrats barely hanging on by a point or losing to the GOP?

Top Senate Races RCP Average

California Boxer (D) +3.5

Colorado Buck (R) +2.5

Florida Rubio (R) +2.4

Illinois Kirk (R) +1.4

Nevada Reid (D) +1.3

Ohio Portman (R) +3.7

Washington Murray (D) +1.8

Wisconsin Feingold (D) +1.0

Kentucky Paul (R) +5.5

Missouri Blunt (R) +6.7

New Hampshire Ayotte (R) +8.0

North Carolina Burr (R) +7.7

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    Sadly - we're going down in flames, faster than a French made Airbus with engine failure

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    A bit premature are we, let's wait until the elections are over and we all can see just who stays, and who goes.

    I expect to see the ratios to remain constant, however the party of NO may very well cost the republicans seats in both the House, and the Senate.

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    Because the GOP brainwashing has an effect! We choose not to brainwash, cause guess what, it causes brain damage...Apparently, the Glen Beck rally showcased all that damage.

    But, not to worry what will happen is these brain damage GOP supporters one day will see that by voting out a majority you stalemate things from getting done..Idiots to the highest degree...

    Graduates of University for Dummies..

    Source(s): Beck's mind control forum on the National Mall...
  • Because the liberal left wing faction of the Dem Party doesn't care about America or Americans, and the Country is wising up to the nonsense and danger Obama and his supporters are to the USA.

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    Polls don't ask people why they vote a certain way; they only ask for whom they intend to vote. There is no answer to the "why" question. But I have a feeling you knew that already.

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