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Should it be illegal to keep wild and exotic animals as pets?

Recently a lot of states have been passing laws that are banning the keeping of wild and exotic animals as pets. I know that there has always been a danger associated with keeping these kinds of animals and that attacks and fatalities have occurred. The incident where a woman was mauled and disfigured by a chimpanzee, the little child that was killed by the families pet python in Florida, the recent attack in Ohio by a pet bear, etc. But, should this go so far as to pass a law making it illegal to have exotic and wild animals as pets? Many people that have these animals as pets believe that they are saving the animals lives by keeping them out of the wild and in captivity. Let's face it, they're probably right. In the wild these animals; bears, lions, tigers, wolves, etc; are hunted and killed mercilessly by poachers and people who are just plain ignorant. In the wild they also suffer from loss of habitat and the effects of human pollution. So, should it be illegal to have an exotic animal as a pet or to have a wild animal as a pet. After all, not everyone wants to have something as common, dull and boring as a dog or a cat as a pet. What's the point of having to settle for an animal that everyone else already has? What's wrong with wanting a pet that is different than what the rest of the world has? I'm sorry to say it, but I just don't see what could possibly be rewarding or interesting about having a dog or a cat as a pet. They are just so uninteresting and useless.

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    i do not think it should be illegal to keep exotic pets ... wild animals on the other hand, should remain wild ... such as bears ... that is utterly ridiculous to have a pet bear ... remember that guy who lived with the bears in the wild for years and eventually they ate him ... and if an animal dies in the wild due to being eaten by another animal, that is purely the circle of life ... but animals like fennec foxes ... they are bred in captivity and can be raised and trained like a dog should be fine ... a red fox, not so much ... chimps are also pets that should not be kept as pets, any primate really, as when they reach maturity their wild instincts kick in ... now the banning of sugar gliders, hedgehogs, snakes, i do not agree those should be illegal as all can be bred in captivity and kept as pets ... if you are suggesting bears, lions, tigers or wolves should be kept as pets to protect them from the wild or habitat or pollution, none of those reasons make those animals pets ... that is just the sad state of affairs in our world ... and your last comment that dogs are useless but you think bears should be pets, makes me question if you are 10 ... and usually people who need something to feel different, have personal issues that need to be dealt with and that can not be dealt with by owning an exotic pet ... a dog is the most loyal, trainable pet you can have ... i agree cats are useless :O)

    "Grizzly Man reviewed; The story of what happens when a mentally unstable person attempts to live with grizzly bears" .... notice it is a mentally unstable man who wanted to live with the bears ...

    the woman attached by the monkey, she treated it like a baby, to me that says mental illness on some level ...

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    I must wonder if you are a troll or have some mental deficiency to say that dogs or cats are "common and dull". What are you some elitist? Animals aren't a status symbol. A big cat or a bear is NOT a pet. No matter what you do or say it is not a pet. Such animals should be illegal for someone to keep at their home. They belong in wildlife rescues or specialists. You are not a specialist. Your neighbor down the street is not a specialist. The rich guy across town is not a specialist. There is no reason for it to be legal for anyone who can afford it to simply obtain any animal they please.

  • Jo
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    Illegal? Not really, but I do believe that to be able to keep a wild or exotic animal you should be certified.

    You should be able to prove that you have the knowledge and the means to provide for the animal as close to nature as possible.

    It is unfair to both the animal and your potential neighbors to try to change what is inherent in the animals genetic background just because you do not have the knowledge, time, means or facility to keep them as nature intended.

    Perhaps you should consider a career in the zoo? Best of all worlds-you get a bunch of different exotics with out the hassle of owning them and the zoo gets the benefit of having someone who truly wants to be with them.

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    I think you're striving far too much to be different from everyone else that you're ruling out popular pets, which are popular for a reason - because they're good pets.

    If you stop trying so hard not to be 'like everyone else' you might see the individual positive qualities of what you call boring pets.

    Pets shouldn't be used as a status symbol.

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  • 9 years ago

    Exotic pets should be banned because people **** up and the repercussions of it getting loose are sometimes irreversible. Look at florida and southern states and their python problem killing endangered and protected native wild animals.

  • 9 years ago

    Wild and exotic animals are not suitable pets, and your remarks about cats and dogs paint you as a remarkably selfish and immature person.

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