Has Randy Orton's new character changed your opinion of him?

Now, as anyone who has read my answer's knows, I haven't been a fan of Orton. I couldn't stand him and Legacy as the face of RAW last year, and I didn't hide that I thought he had a completely unrealistic character.

Now though, and I can't believe I'm saying this, I'm finding I like Orton more and more each week. In fact, with the Nexus angle dragging on into oblivian and remaining exactly the same every single week, I've found that Orton and Cena have carried RAW (Sheamus, The Miz and Daniel Bryan have been great as well). It seems pretty clear that the WWE is attempting to make Cena the "next Hogan" (if they haven't already) and Orton the "next Austin". What do you guys think of that? Can the two of them co-exist? Can RAW handle having two superstar faces like that?

I know that there are a lot of users who love Orton and a lot of users who hate Orton (kind of like Cena, now that I think of it...) so looking at his recent shift objectively, has he improved in your eyes? Why or why not?

BQ: Do you think the WWE even has a "mystery GM", or are they just going on the fly and hoping they find someone cool?

BQ2: Was last night one of the biggest WWE letdowns we've seen in a while? I mean, I'm a pretty staunch WWE supporter, but I can admit when they screw up, and boy, did they screw up last night. The triple threat tag team match and the Punk/Big Show segments were good, but on the 900th episode of RAW, in the freaking main event, Jericho and Edge just walk out? That's refreshing. No Triple H, No Rock, no Austin, no...nothing.

Thanks guys

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    It's no secret that I'm Randy Orton's harshest critic in this section. I have never been a fan of Randy Orton; the reasons are legion, and well-documented here and in a blog I wrote about him, so I won't repeat them in this response. Monday Night Orton last year very nearly turned me off the WWE completely, and I DVR RAW for two reasons: because of my shift-work I can't always watch it as it airs, and to fast-forward through everything Orton is in. Michael Cole's idiotic gushing over "The Viper" is sickening and only makes it worse (thank God for the "mute" button!).

    Now with that said, I am still not a fan of Randy Orton; I still find him boring and not believable, and I don't feel he should be a main eventer. He just doesn't have the talent or charisma, and he's not entertaining to me in any way.

    To respond to his "recent shift", I will admit to him being more...tolerable these days. RAW doesn't revolve around him; he still gets high-profile matches and main events, but it's not Monday Night Orton again. He rarely promos these days (YES!!!), and the cameras don't seem to get as close to his face or stay on it as long now (even Cena didn't get the close-ups Orton got).

    I don't and won't complain about his "wrestling" style (even though I have nicknamed him "Johnny Headlock"). It wouldn't be fair to complain about Orton being a one-dimensional punch and kick brawler without bashing nearly the entire roster, as well. I still cringe at his "cat throwing up" over-blown production of that weak and often-avoided RKO, though (when he snaps it off like DDP used to do, the move is MUCH more effective and watchable). But he's still a generic one-dimensional punch and kick brawler and that type is boring to me.

    I am not a Randy Orton fan and likely will never be (I said that about Mr Kennedy, too, but a change of scenery and a gimmick tweak made all the difference in the world. A Mr Anderson appearance is a highlight of any TNA show for me these days), but he rarely talks and he isn't a comic book psychotic sociopath these days so that has made him a little more tolerable to watch.

    Cena = "Hulkamaniac" Hulk Hogan, yep, Cena is the same type of "hero" character as "The Hulkster" was. I wouldn't call Orton the new "Stone Cold", though. Stone Cold, despite his penchant for lashing out unexpectedly and without prejudice, WAS fighting "evil" on our behalf. He appeared to be a loner fighting The Man for himself, but as time passed he acknowledged our support and became more a "champion" for us, fighting the bad guys WE wanted him to. Orton has shown absolutely nothing that he is doing anything other than for himself and only himself. He may not be acting psychotic these days, but he's still fighting for Orton and only for Orton.

    Can they co-exist on the same show, and should they? Yes indeed. RAW had Stone Cold and The Rock before them. Two completely opposite personalities who sometimes fought each other, sometimes fought together, and sometimes had nothing to do with each other. Two major superstars co-existing and complimenting each other, making the show stronger. Cena and Orton CAN do the same.

    BQ: I believe the "anonymous GM" is a gimmick to "make matches on the fly" without having to pay somebody to play GM, with the secondary (perhaps, primary) purpose of being a "character" they can plug either a "big name" or a "surprise name" into when the time is "right" (ratings are in the toilet and they are desperate). Wasn't Bret supposed to be the GM? Wasn't The Rock supposed to come back to be the GM? Wasn't last night's show supposed to reveal either Stone Cold or Michael Cole as the GM? A lot of names have been thrown around by the fans. The interest is there, but the time isn't "right".

    BQ2: Based on the comments in this section alone, last night's RAW was the worst in RAW history. I've yet to see anybody really go against the common opinion and proclaim that show as anything other than "crap". You won't see The Dragon be the first; the show WAS bad. Even the WWE die-hards who don't watch anything else were majorly disappointed.

    I find it very telling (about the effort the WWE put into it) that VINCE didn't appear on-camera.

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    WOW, Interesting question.

    I have always been a fan of Orton. I liked him when he was heel and i still like him now even though he's turned face. I think Randy Orton is going to be the face of the company in the next few years. Because he is now getting more pops than John Cena.

    Randy Orton could be the next Stone Cold, but a lot of people will disagree. Cena could definatly be the next Hulk Hogan. The two of them can and will co-exist. Yes Raw can handle having faces like those two great WWE superstars

    BQ: Do you think the WWE even has a "mystery GM", or are they just going on the fly and hoping they find someone cool? In my opinion, I think they haven't even found a GM. I think they are still trying to find somebody really good.

    BQ2: Was last night one of the biggest WWE letdowns we've seen in a while? I mean, I'm a pretty staunch WWE supporter, but I can admit when they screw up, and boy, did they screw up last night. The triple threat tag team match and the Punk/Big Show segments were good, but on the 900th episode of RAW, in the freaking main event, Jericho and Edge just walk out? That's refreshing. No Triple H, No Rock, no Austin, no...nothing. Yes. Last night's Raw was a big letdown. I mean there were no suprises, no returns, no title changed hands, no GM revealed, nothing. It was a big letdown.

    I'm going to star this question because it was a great interesting question.

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    Well like you said Randy Orton was nothing last year with no fans and being in the Legacy

    Now look at him in 2 weeks he will be fighting other 5 main eventers superstars for the WWE Championship.Now look at Randy he is like one of the fans favorites. You are right raw would have not been anything without him. He sure has improved and i hated him last christmas when i watched raw and now i love this guy. He can take on good guys and bad guys. I wouldn't consider him as a heel though. You can be his friend in one minute and in another minute you are his enemy. And i think he improved by showing that he can take on the whole roster with cena. Randy Orton and Cena vs The Whole Roster. They most likely actually defeated them

    As well for cena .... WWE just likes him because really he is all for the kids and he can sell alot of the merchandise. I am not saying i don't like cena. But cena is kind of nothing compared to Randy Orton in only 3 times world Champion and he is indefentiely better than him. Making him Super Cena is not going to do him any good. Well just saying cena has couple of good years left.So he might as well really enjoy it but what i hate about cena alot that he wins all of his matches always.

    BQ: No they just made this story to make WWE Intresting. WWE just emails to Michael Cole and Michael cole just says it...

    BQ2: Yes i completely agree they did screw up. But at least they tried there best sure they are not as good as they used to be but all they really care about is money so how intresting can they really make it if they don't put any thinking to it . I agree The Triple Threat Tag Team Macth was very good and the CM Punk/Big Show Segement.(Pretty Funny).Though i agree all of the resk sucked cmon really no big superstars from the past and nexus slamming down undertaker...

  • 9 years ago

    I think heel suits orton much more than his current face run.

    BQ- I don't think the WWE have actually decided who the GM is. Its the creative team giving Cole the messages, they haven't yet decided who the GM will be.

    BQ2- to be fair since when does anyone celebrate the 900th episode of anything. Its usually the 100th, 500th or the 1000th. Why 900 its a bit random. They have had the title of longest running episodic Program for a long time so i think the 900th show and the longest episodic whatever announcement was just a ploy to try get alot of people to watch raw that week.

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  • 9 years ago

    I think one of them will switch to smackdown, could be cena for some fresh storylines,

    The GM angle is so they can figure out who they want as the gm, i think it has to be someone big now with all the supense with it,

    lastly this raw was a normal raw, i think wwe is saving shockers for the thousand episode thats historic, just wait till then all the old stars will come crawling back

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    I love Randy Ortons gimmick, he was obviously a heel but do to changing times and his talent the fans just started to love him. The WWE never made him a face it was the WWE Universe that made that decision for them & Randy. Yet he still attacks the good guys as well as the bad, he just has a great all around gimmick, with his Viper strike attitude. Hes a WILD CARD character, being your friend one minute and gives you a RKO the next no matter who you are & a man of few words. Hes just in it to get what he wants.

    BQ: In my opinion the "mystery GM" is Triple H, they are just waiting for him to recover before they allow him to comeback. Just think about it, It would be a great idea, & it makes sense with him being out & coming back as the "chairman's" son-in-law to be revealed as GM of Raw would be huge. Before you know it, it will be......."TIME TO PLAY THE GAME"

    BQ2: Yeah RAW SUCKED. Bret Hart vs The Undertaker....them days are over.

  • 9 years ago

    I've always been an Orton fan honestly speaking. But ever since his feud with Cena.. it seemed no matter what he did.. he got cheered.. he kicked Vince McMahon in the head.. and got some cheers.. Vince isn't a wrestler.. but he is one of the most hated heels in the history of professional wrestling.. he kicked Shane McMahon.. got some cheers.. but here is what got me.. when he RKO'd Stephanie McMahon.. he still did get some cheering.. it was soon ignored.. by the pop Triple H got for rushing to his aid.. but Orton was still getting cheered throughout their feud.. even when he played the cowardly heel.. hid behind his lawyers .. and doctors etc. threatened to take away WM .. still would get cheered the next week..

    I like Orton as a heel but I think he does actually make a good face.. although I don't care for that thing he does when he hits the RKO.. it's like a weird version of "Hulking Up" or something.. I just find it a strange way to build momentum and get the crowd behind you.. lol.. but I have said this since the WWE had Orton feud with The McMahon's.. they've been trying to make him into the next Stone Cold Steve Austin.. Orton and Austin both do have some striking similarities in my opinion.. like Austin, Orton was once a very hated heel.. but as time went on people started taking a shine to his character..

    Austin did what everyone always wanted to do.. "stick it to authority" and well have a beer well doing so lol.. but Orton took on a similar role.. The Texas Rattle Snake and The Viper.. both sneaky characters.. both have an attitude.. a problem with authority etc. Austin and Orton have a lot of similarities.. even down to the Stunner and the RKO.. can be hit from virtually anywhere and quickly at any time.. but when Orton crossed the boss.. he was really the first guy to really go at it with the McMahon's besides Austin.. and of course Triple H and Shawn Michaels lol. Going against the McMahon family really made Orton remind me of Stone Cold..

    I think with the attitude Orton has built for his character over the years the fans.. know Orton has a bad side to him even if they're cheering him.. he is really the anti-hero like Austin right now.. but can he co-exist with Cena.. who has always been praised for his good guy Superman like persona.. I think they can co-exist.. because Cena doesn't only remind me of Hogan.. he also reminds me of The Rock.. at one point in time The Rock did have a passion for wrestling like Cena does.. and like The Rock, John Cena always has something funny to say.. and can entertain the fans well on the mic.. I think Cena and Orton can co-exist like The Rock and Austin did..

    Stone Cold and The Rock have crossed paths so many times.. they've had some of the most memorable feuds in WWE history.. and have headlined three Wrestlemanias together.. Austin and The Rock were opposites though.. just like Cena and Orton.. and I think throughout their careers' Cena and Orton will cross paths again and again.. when it comes down to it.. they will be able to make people laugh at their love hate relationship.. they've already done personal storylines involving Cena's dad etc. I think that if it worked for The Rock and Stone Cold it will work for John Cena and Randy Orton..

    BQ- I honestly have to wonder about that.. I think I convinced myself.. that the WWE had a general manager picked by now.. because I thought for sure they were going to definitely announce it on Raw Monday.. but I was obviously disappointed.. I used to think that the WWE had no idea who their GM was keeping even the staff guessing.. because a key to surprising people in wrestling now with the show.. because of the internet and spoilers etc. is keeping it on the down low.. so only a few people backstage know. I honestly don't know anymore if they have their GM picked out yet.. hopefully it won't just be a big disappointment.. but they could very well either be milking it out or waiting for something cool..lol..

    BQ2- Lately I've been trying this thing where I don't bash Raw.. I actually try to enjoy the show.. and I do that by watching Raw with my four year old nephew.. he is still a kid and gets excited when the Raw theme song is on.. so watching his reactions to the show makes me realize that it isn't as predicable.. as we say it is.. but seriously.. I think my expectations may have been a little high for Raw this week but honestly.. it was a big disappointment.. and I think I would have been saying this .. 900th episode or not! Explain to me why Raw is a professional wrestling show .. when during the whole show the most wrestling done was by Sheamus and Cena at the end of the broadcast..?

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  • 9 years ago

    Not really,it just made me hate him more.

    His gimmick is really corny and predictable,The Legend killer was better and unpredictable..but now,he's just another cena with a corny gimmick.

    BQ:No,they probably don't have a real GM,they didn't even say he will be revealed..so,i think the GM will always be that Damn laptop with Michael"vintage"Cole's voice.

    BQ2:I'm a big fan of the WWE and i can safely say the show last night was the biggest disappointment I've seen from the WWE for a while..Last night,They basically Lower their Standards in my eyes.

    so,I wouldn't be Surprised if they Screwed up again.

  • Brian
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    9 years ago

    Well Orton and Cena can certainly coexist. An example of that would be when Orton and Cena were forced to team up against the entire RAW roster. They were beating the roster until the roster jumped and attacked them all at once.

    BQ: I think its just the creative team sending Michael Cole all of this stuff and the WWE just pretends its an actual GM.

    BQ2: YES it was!

  • 9 years ago

    Ever since he turned Face/Tweener I can't stand him! He still does those psycho facial gestures wich make him look a Psycho Heel. and everyone else praises him like he's the next Stone wich he obviously isn't since his promos seem "forced" and they're as boring as Cenas

    BQ: I hope to god it's not Michael Cole but it probaly is

    BQ2: It was worse than a Orlando Jordan match wich is pretty sad

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