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What is a must see or must do in Berlin Germany?

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    Lots of things, but for a tourist I'd recommend a boat cruise on the river Spree (not available in winter), the Museum Island, maybe (if the queue is not too long) a ride on the elevator up to the "Telespargel" (television asparagus, the TV tower at Alexanderplatz most lovely nicknamed as asparagus - Spargel - by the Berliners), maybe the Mauerpark or the East Side Gallery, the Jewish Museum (not the memorial, it's in a different part of town), the Reichstag building and Schloss (castle) Bellevue [the seat of the German president, Mr Christian Wulff (therefore sometimes cynically named the Wulffsschanze or Castle Wulffenstein)], the embassy quarter (the embassy of the Scandinavian states is a wonderful piece of architecture!); and of yourse Berlin's main shopping mile, the Ku'damm (Kurfürstendamm) and the Potsdamer Platz with the Sony Center and the Daimler Benz Building. Don't miss the chance to have a picture of yourself taken on the Marlene-Dietrich-Platz, which is in the midst of Potsdam square.

    So much for the must-see. Now for the must-do. You must, in any way, try a Turkish shish-kebab, a Thai chicken stick with peanut sauce, an Arab Falafel, an Indian curry, and an original Berliner Currywurst (sausage). And it would be an absolute tourist fail if you were not drunk like a skunk at 4 in the morning and could tell your cab driver the way to your ho(s)tel. So to finish the evening: Jump into a cab and let the driver guess. It can be fun sometimes, as you can't rely on a street name. Even if you remember it, Berlin is the only city in Germany where streets have the same name in different districts. So keep your address or at least the district in mind.

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    Well the Reichstag is something you have to go see because the view from on top is amazing, you can see all of Berlin from there. Another site would be the fernseh-turm or tv tower which is the skyscraper towering the city and can be seen from the outskirts of Berlin. The Olympic Stadium is a cool place to go to because of all the history it holds in side of it. Hope this helps

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    Insider tours do a walking tour which covers most of the important "must see" sights in the space of a few hours,including the Jewish war memorial, the Reichstag,Brandenburg gate, Hitler's bunker Checkpoint Charlie and so on. They have really good tour guides and are reasonably priced. You can find their website by doing a google search. I'd highly recommend as the best and quickest way not only to see the sights but also to get your bearings!

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    The reconstructed Checkpoint Charlie and the Wall museum nearby. Reichstag, the central museums, the flea market by the museums ..............

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