Do those who oppose the NYC mosque know or care that they are aiding Al Qaeda?

Newsweek reveals the most concrete evidence yet that this campaign is serving to bolster support for Islamic radicalism abroad. In an interview with the magazine, a Taliban operative going by the name Zabihullah said that, by “preventing this mosque from being built, America is doing us a big favor.” He goes on to explain that the anti-mosque campaign is providing the Taliban with “with more recruits, donations, and popular support.” Another Taliban official expects that the anti-mosque campaign will provoke a “new wave of terrorist trainees from the West,” similar to suspected Times Square car bomber Faisal Shahzad. Zabihullah concludes, the “more mosques you stop, the more jihadis we will get” they not know that more mosques in America actually leads to less radicalization of young Muslim men? Mosques in America are exactly what we need to fight this battle. The real fight is within Islam - between the radicals and the non radicals. Why do you guys aid the enemy? I don't get it.


Typical - attack the source and completely ignore the real question at hand. Y'all aid the enemy and ignore it. This theme - that we don't allow mosques to be built in our 'free' country plays right into their recruiting efforts. How stupid.

Update 2:

Man- I appreciate your answer, but have to disagree with you. A recent joint study conducted by professors at Duke University and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill showed that mosques can be a deterrent to domestic terrorism. This isn't mere coincidence but design -- the Duke-UNC study found that following the September 11 attacks, Muslim leaders made serious, sustained efforts to combat radicalism. Muslim Americans, the Duke-UNC report says, adopted numerous internal self-policing practices to prevent the growth of radical ideology in their communities.

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    They were either unwilling, or unable to connect the dots in reverse order to find out the reason 9/11 happened, I expect they will be unwilling, or unable to do the same when there is another disaster based on ignorance.

    You can lead them to the water, but you can not make them drink the water.

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    If I use Obama's logic all new mosques should be cancelled.

    After all that's what he did with deep water drilling. That was stopped because there might be another spill.

    Now this proposed mosque could be a starting point for another 9/11. Wouldn't want that to happen now would we.

    You are right about one thing though. The real fight is within Islam - between the radicals and the non radicals. Now if the imam comes out and says the propose of the mosque is to oppose the radicals. I'm all for it.

    *G* I don't think there too many Taliban, or Taliban jihadis in the US. So who cares what some idiot outside the US says will happen.

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    It's called propaganda or "psychological warfare". Do you really think the Taliban doesn't want that mosque to be there when most Americans don't want it? Of course they do, if not for the religious side they'd simply want it because most Americans don't want it. As for support, that's also a lie since their recruits don't go up all that much simply due to a mosque (awareness, yeah, people, not so much).

    Also "more mosques = less radicalizing" how in the heck do you get that? Islam is all about radicalizing, the Muslims that aren't radicals are disobeying the Koran because they know it's wrong. The real fight is NOT between radicals and non radicals, to the radicals we are the enemy. The non-radicals are simply pawns and can be used to disguise the radicals. They don't pay them heed, they kill them as it helps them.

    As a final thought, why the hell would you trust a Taliban operative over American soldiers?

    Source(s): US Army soldiers Rangers SF, US Navy SEALs rescue operatives officers, US Marine Scout/Snipers infantrymen officers special operations who I have known and interviewed in the last couple years.
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    I think the issue was exploited to get a certain type of person angry at Obama and Democrats before the next election. It's all a game. The terrorists hate moderate Islam and would therefore despise the people who want this mosque. But it is all just a game. We need to keep in mind that it's a manufactured controversy.

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    Well, sport, this is one of those classic damned if you do and damned if you don't things....(and never believe a muslim terrorist on any subject)

    See, either way this thing goes, we lose. Because if we make 'em pick somewhere else to build it, they propagandize it as we're all islamaphobes that 'hate' them. Lose, they 'gather more jihadis'. If we let 'em build a victory mosque there (which is the way they view it) we lose as they propagandize it as a 'great victory over the infidels' and they will make "pilgrimages" from all over the muslim world to walk by and mentally pizz on ground zero. And STILL gather more jihadis.

    So, which end of the stick do you wanna be whacked with?

    By the way, love to see some proof of those lines where you've claimed (from your leftist propaganda site) that 'more mosques leads to less radicals'. That's like saying more swamps make less mosquitoes.

    And one last thing: Where's the leftist zeal, all suddenly "pro-religion", for Christians? Thought so.

    Source(s): Hey, Amie A two minute walk in NYC is not "near"? Just exactly what is your defintion of "near"? This building was hit with the landing gear from one of the planes impacting the towers. That makes it part of ground zero, dear.
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    The jihadists will spin this to their advantage regardless of what happens.

    Suppose the community center gets built in its prospective location. The jihadists will say "see? America is weak by allowing the mosque so close to Ground Zero. If we continue the pressure they will soon fall."

    Suppose the community center is not built in its prospective location. The jihadists will say "see? America is waging a war against Islam. We have to increase our efforts to fight them to the death."

    If the backers of the community center really wanted to build bridges and open dialogues, then they would accept an alternate location. Why does it have to be right there and only there? There is no other commercial property available for development in the New York City area?

    What part of that do *you* not understand?

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    Your missing the point. Where are our freedoms? Isnt this what our founding fathers sought to protect by prohibiting the govt from controlling religions? I am amazed by this war on terror because they hate our freedom.....which we are losing to fight the terrorists...cycle of destruction for America. Bin Laden has won, because he turned us against eachother and the govt against its citizens. Democrat or Republican, they are all the same. We have only two choices and both are bad. They are almost the same choice. Where are the constitutionalists. They arent in the conservative or liberal camps. Both are destroying our freedoms...

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    Please tell me that you know that it's not actually a Mosque they want to build and that it's not actually near Ground Zero, it'll be about a two minutes walk away.

    What I can't understand is how people protesting over something can bolster support for the other side? If that were true then how come all the protesting about the Westboro Baptist Church didn't result in a surge of members for them?

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    I don't trust the newsweek article. Afghanistan is still a pretty backwards country and I really doubt many people in Afghanistan have heard about this issue at all.

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    Technically that's both sides of the argument.

    I say we ignore that--read this article from the Atlantic on how most terrorists are nitwits and we need to start thinking this way.

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