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What 2 historical figures can i compare for an 8-10 page paper?



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    Alexander the Great and Napoleon

    Philip II and Franco

    Catherine the Great and Marie Antoinette

    Elizabeth I and Victoria

    Charles I and Louis XIV

    - these are all pairs that have important things in common, but also a significant difference (usually in terms of levels of success) to make the comparison more meaningful.

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    That's kind of broad.

    1) Caesar and Alexander

    Both made contributions to Western civ

    2)Socrates and Plato

    Founders of Western thought

    3)Herodotus and Hypocrites

    Historians and thinkers alike.

    Narrow it down a bit.Concentrate on one specific area.It could be art literature science warfare whatever.There are a thousand people to compare and contrast.

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    Martin Luther King Jr and Abe Lincoln

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    Augustus and Charlemagne.

    Frederick the Great and Kaiser Wilhelm II.

    Mary Queen of Scots and Queen Elizabeth I.

    Henry VIII and Stalin.

    Charles I and Louis XVI.

    Boudicca and Joan of Arc.

    Rabelais and Shakespeare.

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