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When is it bad to use the color Green in interiors?

hi, I am doing a project for school about color, and my assigned color is green. I already have meanings and symbolism for the color green, and have seen many great interiors using the color. But I am looking for a "green gone wrong" idea, so I can present "when not to use green for interiors". also, any tips on the color green (good or bad) would be greatly appreciated. Pictures are awesome since I have a powerpoint, but I can make do without. Please and thank you!

PS, if anyone can come up with something creative to hand out to the rest of my class, related to the color green, that would be great. I thought about maybe buying small little trees for everyone, but don't know if I really want to spend a ton of money on this project.

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    10 years ago
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    Green & brown is the color of the earth: trees and their bark.

    If you're into green, GREEN the color should come out automatically. Green is also the color of money and we used green often in our home. Dining room chairs seats are green leather with light brown wood. We have green granite counter top for our kitchen, with oak wood cabinets. One of our sofa is green. We have a green rocking chair in our bedroom. We have printed fabric balloon-shades latticed with green background for our guest room. Our blinds is also green in our bedroom, we roll it down when it gets so hot during the summer. It also insulates. We have lots of green plants growing all over our house. In our bedroom, we have wall-to-wall carpeting in green. We have a green Hunter fan/light for our bedroom. For pictures on our walls, we have 6 different photos of Arizona green cactus with some snow on them, in one big glass wood gold frame. We have a couple hanging plants one in the bathroom, and one coming down from our top stairs wall and the vines can be seen on the 1st floor level. We have 3 green glass cones, with lucky bamboos on water, lined up on the wall, by our stairs.

    Go to a Christmas tree farm, they have thousands of little seedlings they can give away free, for your project. Also, look around your yard, or neighborhood, where there are pine trees growing. You could be lucky and find enough for your class, re-plant the trees, and put them in 2" pot to give out. I've gathered 5 in my yard, during the summer while I'm watering the lawn/garden. I save them all and I try to bonsai and see how my luck goes.

    Please email me and tell me how your project turned out. I hope this is not one of those 'gone wrong idea'.

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