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I am tutoring a boy for an entrance test in 5th grade in the DPS STS School. Being a student of 6th grade, I don't feel very confident about it....

Their entrance test syllabus is:


Children are expected to read an unfamiliar text in English at a reasonable speed with a fairly good comprehension

Expected to answer questions using grammatically correct and complete sentences based on unseen passage

Expected to give meanings of words in a context and provide antonyms or synonyms as asked

Expected to have the ability to write grammatically correct sentences and to be able to express themselves clearly in English

Should be able to describe objects and narrate experiences


Story Writing


Expected to find fractions, factor and multiples, percentage, sum, difference and product and quotient of bigger number.

Must know the basics of geometry and should be able to identify figures like circles, cuboids, cones, cylinders and spheres etc



Fractions and multiples

Measurement- capacity conversion (l-ml) (gm-Kg) (m-Km)

Multiplication- multiplying 3 digit X 2 digit

Time- calculation duration in hours and minutes


Data Handling- Range, Mode, Median, Mean


Number Properties

Divisibility by 3,4,6,8


I don't know where to start and what to do. Can you recommend some worksheet and exercises I can do to teach him? I need urgent help! His test is on Friday!

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    a life sentence

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