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I know the rhymes are a little cheesy and emo, but bare with me.?

They can’t see, hatred took their eyes. The left you with nothing but their lies. You cry as you lay in your coffin, ready to shut the lid before you die. Darkness fills the sky, teardrops fall, the lightning says good-bye. They broke your wings so you can’t fly, laughing when you try.

Idle eyes, judging spies, they won’t let you live your life. They always watched, even when you saw them, they are never ending, never die. Keeping you in line, break it before it breaks you, they feed you lies. Break the routine, awake from the unconscious, when told to walk, fly.

They are serpents, and they bite you when not occupied. Their poison runs deep, running through your veins. Your body breaks down while an orchestra of pain plays. The world comes crashing down, your eyes fill with tears. In a blink of the eye you live all your fears.

Your never going to feel full inside, you pray you will die. You scream until your lungs collapse, your trapped. Like a bird with broken wings, you try to fly. The sky above you, whisper a prayer, your wings still broken, and the sky still there. you live your fears day after day, and nothing seems to care, not a single tear.

I would carry you if I had the time, time to destroy the lies. But their still there, preventing me to try, for if I do, I will surely die. So just wait, I promise it will be okay. In the end, when it comes, you will fly again, time will mend.


Haha whoops darn those heterographs.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Cheesy or not, I'm not going to "bare" with you. It's too chilly out to take off all my clothing.

  • Jonathan you didn't really give me a nice comment on my poem. . . But anyway I thought your poem was really deep and interesting. Well written. . But i kind of like my one better. Come on i wrote about masturbation! It's da bomb!

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