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whats the book 10 things to do before i die about a boy with leukemia?

i remember it being in the young adult section...


oh i just found it its ways to live forever by sally nicholls...

sorry i wasted ur time. :)

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    I think you might mean How to Live Forever by Sally Nicholls

  • Annie
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    Ted Burger’s day starts out fairly normal, with his friends teasing him into making a top 10 list of things he has to do before he dies while sitting at their favorite greasy spoon diner. But then things get a little crazy and Ted’s got just 24 hours to live courtesy a freaked out fry cook (yeegods) and he and his friends go on an adventure of a lifetime to check off everything on his list before he kicks the proverbial bucket.

    The list has the normal teenage boy things on it (number one: lose virginity), but also has some items uniquely Ted, like number three: party with Shakes the Clown, his favorite alternative (actually, this band is in a special place beyond alternative) band. There’s also the ever-popular getting back at an old bully (Billy Rifkin), robbing a bank, doing something heroic (like saving a baby), going to a third world country (a little hard to do on short notice, but hey), and even pulling a crazy stunt (like bungee jumping off a building).

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    Its called how to live forever (:

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