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這無名背景音樂是什麼呢 : )?

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  • Gloria
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    1 decade ago
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    演唱:K. Michelle

    歌名:Met Yo Match




    Verse 1

    Tip toein coming in late on the low

    Knckin shit over smelling like some random hoe

    It's past 4 and you just now getting home

    What you dont know is I'm not alone

    Call me Goldie Locks cause somebodys been in your bed

    In your sheets in your legs how you love that

    I can see you catching feeling getting mad

    Like a chick baby wheres your stacks


    See what you dont understand

    Is I wont be hurt again

    Wont ever let another come in and make me suffer

    baby Im cool on that

    Baby I know the type

    No matter how hard you fight

    You aint gon never win cause Im the champion

    So let the games begin


    dont think im gon be sittin round calling you

    dont think im gon be all up under you

    i wont be fallin thru cus i be ballin too you

    think that im a fool but you done met yo match [ x2 ]

    walking round here with ya lil ringtones

    different ones to identify certain broads

    car fulla dirty draws no telling where they from

    but you think yo pimp game is strong

    but see ya girl got different ones for everyday of the week

    they do laundry, fold the clothes whatever i need

    so believe me when i say you cant offend me

    i can barely remember your name

    - hook & chorus -

    dont be cuddling next to me when we done

    and dont asking me no questions like is you the only one

    i know you got other chicks

    but im to cool to even trip quit acting like you in love

    boy you need to quit [ x2 ]

    - hook & chorus -

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