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What fooods are found in Djibouti?

I am doing a project on Djibouti for school.

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    Djibouti is a VERY culturally diverse place. See info below for some easy references to the food commonly served there! Good luck on your project!

    Restaurants serve Arab, Chinese, French and Vietnamese local specialties.

    National specialties:

    • Lentils, fried meat and unleavened bread are all popular.

    • Fish from the Red Sea.

    Food in Daily Life. Dairy products and meat from the herds are the traditional foods, along with grain dishes. In the cities, the diet is influenced by Italian and other European foods. A notable feature of the diet is the consumption of the light narcotic leaf qat, which is imported from Ethiopia. Qat is consumed recreationally by virtually all men, preferably after lunch, when government offices and work come to a standstill in the midday heat.

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