Are College sports important?

What you think? why it's important to have sports program in college?

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  • 10 years ago
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    It's important to have sport, but it's important to put it in the right perspective.

    it's not important to make sure that there are just as many female athletes as male athletes though. No female team fields as many players as a football team, so it results in male programs getting cut because Title 9 has to push this "equality" agenda and generate sports activities for females even though in a vacuum, they aren't the best athletes the college could have. Equality indeed. What does equal opportunity really mean?

    I also think that if you're going to sell football and basketball tickets for as much as possible, and then sell jerseys, sippy cups, tshirts, hoodies, etc.... and cite the football team or the basketball team as the reason for the ticket prices, then I think the players that build the program to the point where some guy has no problem paying $300 to go watch a college football game should get a piece of that ridiculously large pie. They don't need to be rich, but the AD certainly shouldn't be either.

    Also I think that "free education" is Bullshit. You cite free education, but then let players take PE and use tutors, who will basically take the test for the athlete with the school looking the other way. College football and basketball is exploitative and the only reason they want to set age limits for the pros is because the top talent isn't interested in being used and would rather go earn the money they can.

    Source(s): hey a teammate of my roommate in college started against the braves last night.
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  • 10 years ago

    Let's put things into perspective! College Sports is a racket like a big Money maker for Universities and Sports is nothing more than a Gladiator events that are sometimes used to gratify the longing of Hero's from the past. I think College Sports are on a Pedestal and have gotten out of hand Education has taken a back seat to a College Sports. That's why we have so much deception in the Political Arena. People are more worried about Michigan, Ohio State, LSU, Alabama, Florida, USC, Texas, Penn.State, I could go on and on who is worried about turning out Scholars? Big time sports are robbing the country out of Leaders for tomorrow. Scholarships for Athletes in petty Degrees so they can play Football, Basketball and most have to have paid tutors to help them Make the Grade to play sports. Yes some people don't agree with this but you know this is a lot of our problems sport not important Issues.

    Source(s): I am not saying cut out College sports programs but if they can't make it in College no speicial programs for talented kids with physical abilities, If a Division II ball club beats Division I ballclubs then that's tough
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    10 years ago

    College Sports provide the roots and foundation for Professional sports competition. College sports scholarships are great..they give a poor kid the opportunity to excel in life based on his god given physical oposed to a store bought text book education. When you combine the both you generally have a young man ready to face the world.

    The NFL skims the college football ranks for the very best athletes who then go on to entertain millions and make good money while doing yes College sports are important!!

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  • 10 years ago

    From a business standpoint, of course. The money they bring in for universities is ridiculous, and considering they don't have to pay the players it's huge profit.

    From a sport stand point, also yes. It gives many people who couldn't otherwise get into college an avenue for an education. The vast majority of college athletes never go pro, but many of them leave with an education to fall back on. And it just makes for great sport. People playing the game for the love of the game, and playing as a player instead of a paid employee.

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  • 10 years ago

    Sports are big revenue-raisers for their colleges, so in an of itself, that's an important part of why most colleges field sports teams. They provide an avenue for athletically-talented, but perhaps academically challenged youngsters to gain entrance to a college they otherwise wouldn't be able to attend, and they provide a central focus for school unity and pride. Success in sports is, IMO, one of the biggest factors in a school's widespread reputation and recognition. Unless a school's academic reputation and history are such that sports don't matter to it (like the Ivy League), many schools derive their national recognition and reputations based on the success of their sports teams.

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