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bringing sword to practice in park?

I was wondering if I could bring my sword to public park to practice some techniques? I live in Hawaii if that matters?

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    I've seen people doing choreographed sword fighting before! But I live in Texas so...I mean I see people with guns in public places. I have no clue about Hawaii. I would think it would be okay but I don't know. Sorry.

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    This is a question where the law is a little vague. Look at the commen sense of it. Your not in a parade, your in a public park. It is not in a sheath, it is being wielded around in a public park, where children play. I'm sure, you would attract unwanted attention from many, who would guaranteed be on their cell phones in a minute dialing 911. Where the law is vague, it may not be vague that your inciting a lot of nervous people, meaning causing a disturbance, nuisance, endangering wellfare of minors in some eyes. I'm sure if you weren't arrested for something, you would be asked to leave and not return brandishing a weapon. All of which, you would be better off avoiding. I know if I was in a park with my child and saw someone, waving around a sword, I would leave. Hence, would you want families to be frightened, though that wasn't your intention. Practice in a more practical setting, like a dojo, or backyard or big room. Why risk it?

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    You can't bring any sword at the public park in Hawaii, it is strictly prohibited because such is a deadly weapon, because if you do then police will going to caught you as part of violation, what would be your reasons for bringing it, some people may feel uncomfortable and fully nervously unsecured.

    They will surely report you on the authorities, and the reasons that you may get arrested.

    Good luck


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    I can't say what the laws are in Hawaii, but in Indiana you can carry any knife or sword of any size as long as it is NOT concealed. The police don't like it but they can't arrest or ticket you for having a weapon unless it is posted that you can't bring a weapon to that area ( concert, large public event) Now that doesn't mean that the police won't find some reason to give you grief, they can always find something if they are motivated enough.

    As long as you show some sense and if questioned are polite, they shouldn't bother you much.

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    Is it sharp or blunt? My fencing practice is held in a park during the summer, but we use blunts. If it's sharp, it's a weapon. If it's blunt, you can say it is a theatrical prop or training tool.

    By the way, there is an ARMA chapter on Oahu. Some people don't like the ARMA method, but if you own a sword, you should learn how to use it safely.

  • Bon
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    Don't do it.

    Hawaii is not a state know for tolerating the carrying of weapons including edged weapons. Although the laws on the books mostly aim at knives in generally (dirk, dagger, switchblade, butterfly ...), it has an umbrella section to cover "other deadly or dangerous weapon...instruments whose sole design and purpose is to inflict bodily injury or death..."

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    generally it is concidered intent to be menacing at the least (I am assuming you are talking about a wooden sword otherwise the answer DO NOT DO THAT)

    so I would say not to try this no one needs a run in with the police over something like that

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    It should be fine; however, the best thing to do would be, go to your local police station and ask them/ notify them that you are going to be PRACTICING and they'll say o.k. or no.k. Either way there's no harm done with this sensible solution.

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    No you cannot, it is called having a weapon in a public place. Even though you mean no harm with it, they can, and will charge you with being a menace to society and possession of a deadly weapon.

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    yeah it's fine.

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