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Five years from now, will the Phillies regret giving away J.A Happs for Roy Oswalt?

if they don't win with oswalt this year? happ looks like a stud pitching for the astros.

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    I know I already do. ... I liked Happ =/ And he was getting better and better each season.

    Oswalt gets some of the worst run support I've ever seen, so it's frustrating with him.

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    In 5 Years From Now Oswalt will almost retiring, While Happ Will Be Either a

    1. Travling From 1 Team to Another

    2. Stuck in Minor Leauges

    3. Be Like D-Train

    So In Five This Trade will Have done NOTHING.

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    Wait, Happ isn't interior the deal? Wow, i ought to declare if Amaro controlled to no longer in basic terms shop Happ; yet in addition have the Astros pay greater then 8MM of his earnings, he's almost forgiven for the Cliff Lee flow... The flow needless to say places the surging-at-the-good time Phillies interior the ideal place, interior the 2d a million/2 of the 300 and sixty 5 days; which they have traditionally carried out properly in. I nonetheless might prefer to snatch a bullpen piece nonetheless, in basic terms for an further protection blanket. yet Halladay, Oswalt, and Hamels is quite a a million-2-3 punch. to no longer point out, in the event that they controlled to hold directly to J.A. Happ because of the fact the 4th guy; i'm inspired. EDIT: i'm slow, Happ is interior the deal. Deal nonetheless surely works out for the Phils nonetheless, a high quality and needed flow.

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    Nope mean Oswalt is a good pitcher and a Good Fielder they have got a Bargain getting Oswalt I mean Happ He will leave Houston in Off Season likely with a Contender the Astros are not a Good team.

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    Not at all...

    Happ was never going to be and never will be the pitcher that Oswalt is. Oswalt's a team player. Look, the dude played left field for a couple innings after Howard got ejected! Oh, and he's a damn good pitcher too!

  • Antoc
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    If they don't win, maybe. It depends on how JA Happ will pan out over the long run. If he becomes a big time ace, then yes, I think they probably will regret it. JA Happ is a good young pitcher and it was a good move on the Astros part of acquiring him.

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    Yes because Happ is pitching better than Oswalt is right NOW,and will continue to pich better than him for the next 10 seasons. So i deffinately think so.

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    I think so. I think they made a mistake when they traded Cliff Lee. They could have still signed Roy Halladay when he got to free-agency and they could have used the money they gave to Ryan Howard to sign Cliff Lee. Then the rotation would be- Halladay-Lee-Hamels-Happ. Try facing that in a short series.

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    I doubt it , happ will be good , and they knew it but they were looking for a championship this year , and they wieghed out the two and decided to make the trade

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    I think the regret has already sunk in. they go after a starter who have been a bit shaky for a couple of seasons now and give up their best young prospect pitcher who had a great season last year.

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