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What do you think of the idea of this teen romance I'm writing?

I'm writing a novel about a boy and a girl who are sixteen and they have been madly in love since they knew eachother and they finally hooked up in eigth grade shortly before his dad dies from leukemia.That was just some back round knowledge you would soon find out in the novel. It starts with the introduction of the couple at 16 and they have a fun time at the beach. Later that night she is at his house and he tells her he has leukemia and has had it since seventh grade. Then halfway through the book they go to his cabin in Minnesota and after a few days he is there he starts to not feel well.. And that's where I stopped. The boy Steven is a total jock and just hates the cancer and all he wants to do is play football and be with his girlfriend. And the girl amethyst is lovesick for him and is worried sick, she is a dancer... Anyways that's all, they r also from L.A.

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    Starting off, I can't help but find it a little unlikely that both a father and son have leukemia. It's not contagious, certainly, and, as someone who knows next to nothing about medicine, I'm not aware of a genetic disorder that would subject someone to leukemia. So that part struck me as off. But perhaps their home/neighborhood is affected by some carcinogenic (cancer-causing) pollutant? That could be a nice plot point. Oh, and how would a boy with leukemia be able to play football? Or travel to Minnesota? Unless, of course, his treatment is progressing extremely well, or he has a more treatable form of it. Again, I'm no doctor, but I believe that chemotherapy is hard on the muscles and the body, and I'm finding it hard to believe that someone who went through that and has such a serious disease can be a "jock." Do you feel that you have enough knowledge of leukemia, specifically the many types that exist, to describe what he's going through? Oh, and who lets two sixteen year old kids frolic halfway across the country? I think you should just let the idea sit in your mind some more, and ask yourself questions as to the plot and where you plan on going with it. Best of luck!

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    They 'r' also from L.A.? Hm. Maybe you should invest in some proof-reading skills before you write this novel. And it sounds very typical anyways. Have you seen A Walk to Remember? You've pretty much stolen the movie and switched the genders.

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    I think you should continue. It sounds like it has enough drama for a romance. But i have a few questions:

    1. Who's dad?

    2. Since they're 16 they're in 10th grade now right? You should make that more clear.

    3. Is lukemia herediary? I can't remember

    Other than that i think it's good.

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    It Sounds exactly like a walk to remember by nicholas sparks. Except the girl gets cancer in his book

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