Should the Stork Theory be taught in American Public Schools [read details]?

Steve Jones, the award-winning geneticist and author, argued that suggesting that creationism and evolution be given equal weight in education was “rather like starting genetics lectures by discussing the theory that babies are brought by storks”. Panda's thumb
Update: 007: I know the Dover trial Good man. I love this quote. I have a B.A. in Anthropology and can't believe America is so backwards with science.
Update 2: Derchin master: Good list, I always say the same thing. ALL creation stories.
Update 3: miss mouse: Are you assuming I'm an Atheist? I am actually a Deist/Pantheist and I can separate my beliefs from science. Just so you know, Kenneth Miller is Roman Catholic and a Biologist who helped win the Kitzmiller vs. Dover case.
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