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How to get miley cyrus hair color/highlights and her styling?

I want to get highlights or hair color like miley cyrus, because i am dying my hair at the hairdresser and i just wanted to know what color or brand i should ask for. I will link some pictures now-

Also for styling-

I want those boho waves somehow. I would prefer NO HEAT but if this is not possible just tell me what you have. Whether it's rollers, curling irons, socks, or any other method just spew it out! Alright thank you.

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    Highlights: Strawberry blonde

    Lowlights: Auburn

    Mid Tone (main hair color) : Dark Copper

    hope i helped :)

    for boho waves with no heat what i do is well

    I plait my hair overnight when its slightly damp, turns out fine & i do it nearly every day!

    i know alot of people who put their hair in tight buns overnight to get curls but ive never done that myself so i couldn't tell you how well it works.

    also found this video hope it helps :

    Youtube thumbnail

    IF you want to do boho waves with heat well here is a video too :

    Youtube thumbnail


    Hope I help ;)

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    9 years ago

    why would you want to look like her

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