I need name ideas for a book I'm writing, any ideas?

I've always been into poetry and stuff, and a lot of people say I'm really good at it, and actually I'm pretty happy with many of mine myself. But I'm taking time off that. I'm trying to write like, a book, and I got the plot down, and as I go along I'm sure I can come up with good ideas, but there's a part I'm completely stumped on: NAMES. I need ideas for names of the characters and stuff.

I've already decided a name for the main character - John, and the names for some minor supporting characters.

what should the main characters last name be?

also, I need ideas for the following:

Emo kid (second main character)

Main character(John)'s girlfriend

Math teacher

Science teacher

History teacher

Spanish teacher


Vice principle

A name for the school they go to

and a last name for a bully named Zack

even just one name for any of these would be appreciated. thanks

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    Bryce Elian Daniels

    Blake Johnson

    Evan Samuel Colt


    Genvieve Louise Summers

    Dahlia Evalynn Richards

    Toni Brianna Nichols

    Eloisa Victoria Palmer

    Joanna Beth Harvell

    Nicolette Marie Paterson

    Math Teacher:

    Ms. Pauline Gore

    Mrs. Eileen Richardson

    Mr. Robert Stevenson

    Mr. Maxwell Natal

    Ms. Marianne Susanna Carson

    Mr. Edgar Martin

    Mr. Julius Raymond Tobias

    Mr. Jensen Tristan Harris


    Mr. Jason Joseph Rupertus

    Mr. Andy Michael Lawson

    Ms. Emelia Whyte

    Mrs. Nathalie Dawson

    Ms. Lawrence Emmerson

    Mr. Justin Yezzi

    Mrs. Kimberly Leah Reynolds


    Ms. Erica Delgado

    Mrs. Emelina Louisa Cruz

    Ms. Giselle Infante

    Mr. Raymond Salvador

    Mr. Brandon Derek Martes

    Ms. Victoria Rose Pacheco

    Mrs. Samaris Elena Hernandez


    Mrs. Julia Catherine Watson

    Mrs. Georgia Madonis

    Mr. Reginald Fredrickson

    Mr. Victor Charles Allen

    Mr. Matthew Aaron Daniels

    Mrs. Lindsay Allison Reyes

    Vice Principal:

    Mrs. Kelly Cathryn Reynose

    Mrs. Amber Justine Boyd

    Mr. Carlos Geraldo Martinez

    Mrs. Alexis Frances

    Mrs. Lorraine Mary Hanson

    Mr. Dante Benson

    Mr. Elliot James O'Brien


    Zack Powers

    Zack Wyatt

    Zack Daniels

    Zack Quincy

    Zack Greene

    Zack Thompson

    Zack Rogers

    Zack Cyprus


    Selias Junior High [or HS]

    Phoenix Creek Junior High /HS

    Hope Junior High /HS

    Justice Junior High /HS

    Oakland Ridge Junior High /HS

    Delacroix Junior High/HS

    Immaculate Junior High /HS

    Xavier Jackson Junior High/ HS

    William Niles Junior High / HS

    Excelsior Junior High / HS

    Xion Academy Junior High / HS

    Lawrence Junior High/ HS

  • hunt
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    1 decade ago

    John Levy

    John Bradshaw

    John Hart

    John Winters

    John Carson

    Paxton French

    Rosalyn Kane

    Padgett Carey

    Jarret Madden

    Levy Rutherford

    Klea English

    Beth Ella Patton

    Lena Pruitt

    Johnna Cunningham

    Georgia Bradshaw

    Wilder Best

    MacKenna Saxon

    Sophia Harding

    Noah Kane

    Julia English

    Romy Engel

    Darcy Wright

    Alana Banks

    Remy Bright

    Grant Haley

    Trevor Pope

    Elodie Jordan

    Celie Hart

    Nala Summers

    Channing Cain

    Lyric Donovan

    Pierce Enright

    Leighton Britt

    Camilla Tucker

    Theodore Trevino

    Banks Pennington

    Asa Carr

    Eli Taylor

    Whitney Lane

    Marshall Riley

    Jeremiah Buchanan

    Christian Adams

    Reece Kindell

    Holland Monroe

    Seth Avery

    Zack Kennedy

    Zack Mason

    Zack Miles

    Zack Eller

    Zack Murray

  • Dave
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    Girlfriend = Amy johnson

    Math Teacher = Mr. Fisk

    Science teacher = Mr. Ingles

    Spanish teacher = Senor Martinez

    Principle = Mr. Caufield (an allusion to Catcher in the Rye)

    Vice principle = Mr. Kratz

    School Bully = Zack Thompson

    Source(s): I'm old and I know stuff
  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Second MC: Xander Zimmerman or Wyatt Anderson.

    John's girlfriend: Katrina Jordans.

    Math teacher: Roland Quinn.

    Science teacher: Sidney Pittman.

    History teacher: Rachel Adams.

    Spanish teacher: Josie Lynford.

    Principle: Vanessa Graymore.

    Vice principle: Eric Godwin.

    School name: Morton High School.

    Bully: Zack Love. XD

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    Emo kid: (girl) Meredith (boy) Justin

    Johns gf: Hillary

    Math teacher: mr/mrs Smitherman

    Science teacher: mr/mrs thompson

    History teacher: mr/mrs Hilden

    Spanish teacher: mr/mrs Vasques

    Principle: mr/mrs Wilson

    Vice principle: Mr/mrs Garrison

    School: Henderson Highschool

    Last name for bully: Zack Bradley

  • 1 decade ago

    Zack Baidland.

  • 1 decade ago

    hmmm, try to pick really normal names, too much work on it shows. i have ideas, but if you know people by these names, it can be especially weird to write about them. also, go for alternate spellings, but again—not too weird.


    girlfriend-Elly/Ellie (Eleanor)

    math-Mr. Davis

    science-Ms. Kellogg

    history-Mr. Sampson

    Spanish-Mrs. Alvarez

    principal-Ms. James

    vice principal-Mr. Hulme

    Wild Heart/Lake/Stone School

    and...Zack Wilson

    Source(s): gosh that was fun!
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    emo kid-drake, evan, elliot

    girlfriend- melina, casey, izabel

    science teacher- padge{as a last name}

    spanish teacher- espanoza


  • 1 decade ago

    I knew a couple Taylors, both redheads, nice girls and not at all emo.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    The emo kid can be Taylor. There hasn't been one kid named Taylor, that I know, who hasn't been emo.

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