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Isa asked in Politics & GovernmentPolitics · 10 years ago

Why does the government FORCE everyone to be protected by the police? Why can't we opt out?

I mean, the capitalistic approach would be that, if you wanted to be protected from crime, you'd just hire your own security (if you're too poor, tough beans - fight for that promotion).

Requiring that EVERYONE contribute to a government system where you HAVE to pay taxes and can't opt out of your police coverage is clearly a communist liberal idea.

For that matter, why can't I decide I don't want to contribute to the fire department, the standing military, or public education? Aren't these all socialist systems as well? Shouldn't we all be hiring individual fire protection companies to respond if our stuff starts burning down, individual mercenaries to protect our individual property from foreign invasion, et cetera?


"FORCED Health Insurance is purchased through a private company, which is unconstitutional."

Hear, hear! I mean, that'd be like if the national military started contracting private companies to build their hardware, or something crazy communist like that.

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    Thank you, finally some one who see's the benefit in privatizing these things! I have long advocated having these government services privatized, reason being because they are to costly,inefficient and are not in equilibrium with liberty. Most people having home insurance could be provided with a police and fire service through their insurance company. It works for ports/refineries and other industries why not for private individuals? If we don't like our police force we could get a new one, or we can just opt out. Try getting rid of your abusive police force in your town now or a crooked cop with it being controlled by the government!

    But I have too say those departments that you have mentioned are not socialist.

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  • Gaijin
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    10 years ago

    Fire departments were bought fire insurance and they would try to put out the fire.Problem was,not every one did or could buy the insurance so if uninsured house next door caught fire,yours would go up to.We can protect our selves from imminent danger to a point but having public police is supposed to ensure equal protection for all.Problem with private security would be the wars between factions as has happened in the past.

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    God deliver us from these endless moronic liberal mis-representations of practical social services of police, fire, military and public schools as socialism/communism.

    It's a false and deliberately misleading analogy.

    They aren't socialist/communist. EVERYBODY benefits from these services; it's definitely NOT the same as confiscating wealth from some people to re-distribute to other people, which IS what social welfare entitlements are, which IS communism/socialism.

    Of course you can opt out.

    When a crime is committed against you, your family or property, just don't call the police.

    When your house catches fire, just don't call the fire department.

    Don't send your kids to public school; home-school them, or raise them without education to be good ignorant emotion-driven knee-jerk liberals just like their daddy.

    Don't let the U. S. military defend you; surrender immediately to whoever attacks us and then live your life exactly as the attackers dictate.

    Show us all how it's done, smart liberal.

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  • 10 years ago

    Police protection is not forced. neither is a public education or fire department. Nobody is forced to purchase health insurance and insurance is not mentioned anywhere in the Constitution of the United States. There is no prohibition against socialism either, nor is there a support for capitalism. Th easiest way to opt out is to not have any income to tax.

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  • mattle
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    10 years ago

    Capitalism != anarchy, but nice try anyhow. Capitalism advocates three rules of government:

    1. All people have the right to defend themselves against the violation of any of their rights. This right to retaliatory force is delegated to the government.*

    2. The government may only never *initiate* the use of force and may only use force in retaliation against those who do initiate it.

    3. The government provides a system for resolving disputes regarding rights violations.

    Those rules require a capitalist government to provide protection for its citizens' rights against domestic and foreign forces and to provide a judicial system.

    As to fire protection companies, emergency medical services, road maintenance, etc.; can you provide one single example of a privatized system, free from government restraints, that has failed to do a better job than a government-run system?

    * For the would-be gotchas, this does NOT extend to dire circumstances in which the engagement of physical force is required to protect one's primary right: the right to life.

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  • 10 years ago

    You have to call for police aid, and there are areas with only private fire depts and you have to

    pay to be covered. You pay for public education, because it is necessary to the financial health

    of the nation.

    There are necessary expenses that federal or state or local govt faces, and there are unnecessary

    expenses. We need to cut the unnecessary expenses in a recession and back only the necessary.

    The difficulty is telling the difference.

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  • 10 years ago

    So what you're proposing is total anarchy? Are you seriously saying that you don't want police coverage, fire safety, armed forces protection, etc.? I thought I was as far right as you can get... but apparently not.

    Man, talk about ingratitude. Your government, as stupid as they are in today's day and age, has given you all that you own. They're the reason you have the freedom of speech to criticize the government. And now, you want to make basic support of that which has given and continues to give you all the individual freedoms and liberties you've been able to cherish your entire life... you want to make supporting that... optional?

    You're joking, right?

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Anyone can opt simply either NOT working and therefore NOT paying taxes...or by leaving the country.


    To the OP, you said, "Hear, hear! I mean, that'd be like if the national military started contracting private companies to build their hardware, or something crazy communist like that."

    You do realize there's a difference between the govt. collecting taxes and then spending that opposed to MANDATING that someone purchase a service directly from a private company...and trying to call that a tax...don't you?? I mean...don't you???

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  • Are you 12? Police are hired by society but you can always refuse to cooperate.

    Most rural Fire Dept's and rescue squads charge full price unless you are a member.

    Sounds like capitalism at it's best to me.

    What are You missing??

    Source(s): As an insurance claim adjuster I have paid Many, Many police bills, fire dept. Bills, ambulance bills, all from the customers policy. Basically, YEA, you pay for that stuff!!
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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    It's a necessary govt agency, to keep us from turning into the Wild West, and protects the general welfare of the community.

    FORCED Health Insurance is purchased through a private company, which is unconstitutional.

    As for education - I absolutely support privatization of it.....but unions will NEVER let that happen.

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