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Talked to IG, CoC flipped ****.?

I had a "PA" hold that seemed strange on my ERB and went to IG to ask basically what it was. It was twofold; one, I wanted to find out if it was a real hold as I hadn't been contacted or notified, as well as the fact I've never been in trouble with my unit or even received a negative counseling statement.

I also went because I wanted a third party to give me answers and I figured IG would have experience with that sort of thing. It was a short meeting, I didn't ask to investigate or anything, and the rep basically told me he thought it was either a mistake or something I should ask the CO about.

Come today, I find out that IG notified my CoC to follow up on it. They flipped ****; I'm on convalescent leave for testicular surgery and apparently that was cancelled, they thought I'd tried to have a complaint filed against them, etc.

I know I've opened a can of worms, but I need to know several things for I go into work tomorrow. One, is there any reprisal that can be put in place against a soldier for doing this? I realize I did skip the chain of command, but I'm not sure of the rules regarding this.

Secondly, is that standard procedure for IG? I wouldn't have done it if I knew that my CoC would receive a complaint. I basically wanted advice.

Third, any hints on how to defuse this situation?

Thanks in advance for any help.


Ironically, my CoC did say it was a clerical error and they hadn't tried to block my promotion.

Update 2:

I wasn't trying to file an IG complaint. I basically wanted advice on the matter, not to file anything. If I'd known IG was going to make a complaint, I wouldn't have talked to them. I just thought that they'd have experience in these matters. I was as surprised to hear about it as my CoC.

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    You went to the IG with a problem (an unknown code on your ERB). The IG decided that the best way to resolve your problem was to refer it to your chain of command. You screwed up by going directly to the IG and the IG screwed up for not telling you to go to your chain of command in the first place.

    As for reprisals - any form of reprisal against a soldier for going to the IG is an guranteed career-killer. The IG ruthlessly enforces this rule.

    Now, you likely to get chewed out for going to the IG instead of simply asking your squad leader. You have managed to destroy your reputation with your leaders (now they will no longer trust you) because you went to the IG over something that they could have fixed themselves.


    Source(s): Former IG and 1SG.
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    There is no defusing this situation as it has already blown up. You should have brought it to your CoC before IG. That's just the right thing to do. However they can not legally punish you for this, per se. They can just make your life a living hell. I hope you like CQ on Saturdays. All you can really do is explain it to your chain of command and hope for the best. Or, if you like trouble, stick to your guns, file a complaint and then file another for them pulling your con with no legal reason (they WILL make one. Its the army, you don't win) You really kind have to beg for forgiveness, what are you an E-2? E-3? They should know your kind of a dummbass but honestly what you did could have put there careers in jeopardy and thats not fair. Be honest with them and hope for the best.

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    The COC hates to be jumped. You should you have no trust in those appointed above you etc. IG is where you go as a last resort.

    They can't do anything to you for going to IG.

    Yes IG investigates all complaints.

    I suggest you explain to your COC what you did hear and then just let time pass.

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    So you were on conv. leave and did not tell your NCO you were filing an IG complaint, this is why they are angry, even on any kind of leave, you still have to inform your NCO of such things....

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