Is it wrong that I don't want my future husband going to Hooters restaurant?

Yes I've heard from everyone it's not a big deal ' you see more at the beach'. While that's true, what i don't like is the principal. That restaurant's name says it all. They are marketing boobs. Food is served yea i understand that but I think it's a disgusting concept, and i feel paying that place is supporting the part of our culture that sells women's bodies. What do you think? I know everyone has different feelings but I feel very disrespected that my man goes there.

What should I do? We are both christians and I don't see how that is wholesome at all. I'm not a prude, like i said, i just don't like what is being supported there and the fact that he's oogling girls disgusts me.

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    9 years ago
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    You may see more at the beach but swimwear is to be expected at swimming/tanning locations and at a restaurant the purpose to go for the "scenery"and not the food which I ,might add blows.

    In the past I worked at a similar place with a very similar outfit, just different colors and believe you me, LOTS of flirting went on with larger than normal tips.

    It bothers you because the point to go is for the women, not the food.

    I am also no prude. As a Christian you wont like this but we are swingers and I love porn and strip clubs aren't so bad either except I hate paying so much for alcohol. I feel like such places, including Hooters should be gone to only as a couple. And its NOT family friendly like lots of people want to say. What is so kid friendly about cleavage and booty hanging out? Grown ups only, IMO.

    I am not cool with it either, unless of course we go to check the women out together, in which case its a couple thing, not a Im checking out other goods while your at home watching tv.

    But it doesn't matter, the food stinks. Id prefer to order take out and slip in a porn and do it right instead of eating garbage to see only half naked women.

    The fact that your man goes even though your not comfy with it is very disrespectful. Your request is reasonable. Why is going there so important that its worth leaving you feel insecure? It cant be worth it. Certainly he can have a good time at a regular bar/grill. Like I said I like strip clubs but I wouldn't want to be left at home while he stairs between someones legs. It should be a fun night out together.

    Source(s): Note: I think Hooters is just fine if the other spouse is cool with it. Its a personal marital decision but since you are not, its just not right.
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    It seems pretty harmless to me. I have been there.....did not particularly find the girls there to be exceptionally pretty or slutty. They wear tight t-shirts and short shorts. Big deal, there are better looking waitresses in many other restaurants that dress a lot more provocative. I mean at hooters they have to wear those stupid pantyhose.

    You sound like you are very controlling and very jealous. Don't push too hard you might succeed.

    What is so disgusting? Boobs are great, don't you agree. I hope your man likes your boobs, or is that the real issue here.

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    I think that you should go with him. I agree with you on the whole concept, but it's here to stay, unfortunately. I have been to several Hooters and the biggest thing that makes me mad is that there are no girls with small boobs there. Do they have to audition or something?

    I actually thing the shorts are more offensive than the tank tops. I saw the owner on "Undercover Boss". I wonder if his daughters' boobs will be big enough when they get older.

    Maybe someday us girls will open a restaurant with waiters in g-strings and call it Peckers.

    Logo - Woodpecker with a BIG beak.

    Anyway, after that long rant, I still think that you should go. It's actually pretty harmless and the food is good.

  • 9 years ago

    I have alot of different opinions on this.

    1) i dont really care if my boyfriend wants to go, i guess i wouldnt really like it all that much, but hey, if he wants to cheat, then hes going to no matter what. and if he wants to oogle at the girls.. then fine, he can have them and when he comes home his bags will be packed. but.. im lucky, my boyfriend told me he wont ever go there out of respect for me.

    2) Jessica is wrong, people go to football games to watch football..not the cheerleaders.. guys go to hooters.. well simple, to look at the girls.. the food is shittt so obviously thats not why they go there.

    3) just be independent, tell him he can do whatever he wants but if he crosses the line.. as in cheating or getting phone numbers he will be out the door. I tell my boyfriend he can go to the strippers if he wants.. like i said, i wouldnt really like it, but i encourage him to go have fun with the boys, he knows his limits and i trust him, i cant tell him not to do things he wants to do because eventually one day he would leave me if i was controlling, i let him make his own decisions.

    As long as he is not going there all the time, or crossing the line, then its fine with me, but once the line has been crossed, then its over.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    He's going to oogle other women whether he's at a Hooters or not.

    I don't think he's following his "Christian" values if he frequents Hooters.

    I think it's his decision. I think he should consider his "Christian" values once more and decide if respecting his wife is something he feels is important. And, can he do that without lying about actually going to Hooters anyway? Up to him.

  • 9 years ago

    Hooters is pretty harmless.. Girls in short shorts who flirt to get people to come back and give good tips.. Not a big fan of Hooters but over all fairley Harmless.. Going there for the Great Wings muy Butt!!

  • 9 years ago

    i don't think that you are wrong in the slightest, i would feel the same, its as you said the concept of him actually making a conscious decison to go to a place like that when he has a 100 other options. what ppl wear on the beach is comletely different i.e. they are going to swim/tan. ask him if he would like it if you went a restuarant called buns that have men waiters that walk around with their behinds showing?

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    9 years ago

    I have to agree. Although "Hooters" is not a bad thing, it is a huge example of respect your husband has for you. If he can't respect you and not go, how can he respect you in other marital decisions? Respect is a huge factor in a marriage. If he loves you enough, the fad wont matter to him.

  • Jessy
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    9 years ago

    Sorry, but I don't agree with you...So are you going to disagree and not want your husband to watch football because of the cheerleaders?

    To me, you are using the name hooters and not wanting to support that, but that is a lousy excuse. To me, you are just insecure and are trying to be controlling and manipulating so your man doesn't go. You aren't going to stop him and if anything you are going to drive him more into those places by being so insecure...

    What's next, cutting out football or any other sport because they all have women with skimpy outfits?

  • 9 years ago

    you are being ridiculous....and the more you make of it the more he will want to go.

    Men are like little boys that way.

    He will oogle girls whether he is at Hooters or not if it is in his nature.

    Tell him he has your permission to go and let it go at that. It won't be fun anymore to him.

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