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Help On MLB Sports Betting?

Hey, I am betting on baseball today in Proline and i was looking for advice on the games i chose.

Chicago White Sox Win By 01 Pts Over Cleveland Indians

Atlanta Braves Win By 01 Pts Over New York Mets

Chicago Cubs Win By 01 Pts Over Pittsburgh Pirates

Texas Rangers Win By 01 Pts Over Kansas City Royals

Philadelphia Phillies Win By 01 Pts Over Los Angeles Dodgers

San Diego Win By 01 Pts Over Arizona

All Advice is greatly appreciated!

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    Well, it looks like you went with all favorites. I'm not really sure how Proline works, but you are certainly laying a lot of juice by betting all favorites. I'm a little late responding because most of the game have started, but they're all going in your favor so far. For some more information on baseball, I'd also check out our Baseball Betting Guide here: http://www.sports-betting-insights.com/Baseball-Be... . It's totally free and by far the most comprehensive baseball guide on the internet. Good luck with all your bets.

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    My advice? Narrow it down to one game you feel strongest about and handicap that game only. As you get better, increase the amount of games you bet, but not until then.


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    Your best odds are with Rangers or Phils

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